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U.S. Census Research Guide: Compilations

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts several data collection programs about the U.S. population which have their own language, geography, and data portals. This guide is based on a similar guide created by Kelly Smith at UCSD.

Census Compilations

Most links below go to the NUSearch, where you will find location information for print volumes as well as links to online editions. 

In addition to the titles listed below, the Census Bureau publishes data analyses on topics related to Education, Employment, Family & Living Arrangements, Health, Housing, Income & Poverty, and Population

Finding Additional Studies That Use Demographic Data

Other demographic studies that focus on specific groups within the U.S. population can be found in NUSearch.  Try browsing these (or similar) subject headings:

  • African Americans - Census
  • African Americans - Population
  • African Americans -- Economic conditions -- 20th century -- Statistics
  • Asian Americans - Census
  • Asian Americans - Population
  • Hispanic Americans - Census
  • Hispanic Americans - Population
  • Indians of North America - Census
  • Indians of North America - Economic Conditions - Statistics
  • Indians of North America - Population
  • Indians of North America - [state name] - Population
  • Indians of North America - [state name] - Statistics
  • Navajo Indians - Population
  • Navajo Indians - Statistics
  • [Tribal Name] - Statistics
  • [Tribal Name] - Vital Statistics
  • Pacific Islanders - Census
  • Pacific Islanders - Population
  • Pacific Islanders - United States - Census
  • Pacific Islanders - United States - Economic Conditions
  • Pacific Islanders - United States - Statistics