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Key Resources

  • UN comtrade United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database - UN
    International trade statistics data from over 140 reporter nations. The largest depository of international trade data; includes over 1.1 billion data records.
  • WTO Statistics Database - World Trade Organization
    Interactive access to the most up-to-date WTO trade statistics.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics - IMF
    Available through ProQuest Statistical Datasets. Choose Browse By Source, choose International Monetary Fund and then Direction of Trade Statistics. Yearly, quarterly and monthly import and exort data is available online 1980-present.
    Available in print Yearbooks for 1964-1980 (382.05 D598), 1981-present (382.021 D598). CD-ROM has annual and monthly data from 1980-present.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics Historical - IMF
    Data from 1948-1980. Government Info Reference 382.05 D598 CD Historical.
  • Commodity Price Statistics Online - UNCTD
    Monthly free-market prices and price indices starting in January 1960 for selected commodities that concern commodity-dependant countries. Please log out after using.
  • Commodity Trade Statistics - OEEC/OECD
    Title has gone through many changes. 1959-present. All kept in GovInfo Supplemental Reference 382 F7142.
  • Foreign Trade Statistics - U.S. Census Bureau
    Data on trade by commodity classifications, country balances, state export data.
  • Globstat - UNCTAD
    Statistics on investment, trade, production, and information techonology.
  • International Economic accounts - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis International Economic Accounts
  • International Trade and Competitiveness Indicators - OECD
    Provides trade data from 1975-2003; discountinued in 2003. Available through SourceOECD to the NU community.
  • International Trade by Commodity Statistics (ICTS) - OECD
    Available through SourceOECD (some data going back to 1961) to the NU community and in print (1981-present) in Gov Info Supplemental Reference 382 F71421.
  • International Trade Statistics - WTO
    Provides detailed analysis and tables for 2005 (leading traders, trade by sector and product, regional trade, LDCs, etc.).
    Latest year in Gov Info Reference 337.1 A6152; previous years in Supplemental Reference
  • Monthly Bulletin of Statistics - UN
    Provides current monthly economic statistics for most countries and areas of the world; from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Division the United Nations. Print issues: 1947-present.
    Latest issues in Gov Info Reference 310.5 U58m
  • Monthly Statistics of International Trade - OECD
    Available through SourceOECD (data covering 1960-present) to the NU community and in print (2000-present) in Gov Info 382.05 M789.
  • TRAINS Database (Trade Analysis and Information System) -UNCTAD
    A "comprehensive computerized information system at the HS-based tariff line level covering tariff, para-tariff and non-tariff measures as well as import flows by origin for more than 140 countries.
  • UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics Online - UNCTAD
    Provides statistical data essential for the analysis of the world trade, investment, international financial flows and development.