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International Resources by Theme

International Resources by Subject

Key Organizations

World Bank
The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Their mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results and to help people help themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and forging partnerships in the public and private sectors.

International Monetary Fund - IMF
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.

Key Resources

  • World Economic Outlook Database - IMF
    Use this database to find data on national accounts, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, fiscal indicators, trade for countries and country groups (aggregates), and commodity prices whose data are reported by the IMF.Data are available from 1980 to the present, and projections are given for the next two years.
    April 2008 edition

  • OECD Econominc Outlook - OECD
    Data from 1980 to present availalbe through SourceOECD to the NU community.
    Latest 2 years in Gov Info Reference, 337.05 O68o

  • African Economic Outlook - OECD
    Fact-filled reference book brings the reader the latest available economic information for most of the economies of Africa.  Drawing on the expertise of both the African Development Bank and the OECD, it opens with an overview that examines the international environment, macroeconomic performance, progress towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals, and governance and political issues. Each country report provides an assessment of recent economic performance, projections, and an examination of structural issues, and a discussion of the political and social context

  • Commodity Price Statistics Online - UNCTD
    Monthly free-market prices and price indices starting in January 1960 for selected commodities that concern commodity-dependant countries. Please log out after using.

  • UN Comtrade
    International commodity trade statistics for over 130 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country. For many countries data coverage is 1962 to present.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 
    Database of international business intelligence prepared by the Economist Intellligence Unit. Search by country, by title of publication, or by words or phrases within the documents.

  • Global Insight -- Economic and Financial Data
    Comprehensive economic, financial, and political coverage of countries, regions, and industries.

  • International Data from FRED
    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides key economic indicators for most countries; collected by national statistical agencies and central banks.

  • IMF eLibrary: Capital Flows

  • Indicators of Industrial Production - OECD

  • Insurance Statistics - OECD

  • Main Economic Indicators - OECD
    Data from 1959-present available in print in Gov Info 330.09 S797.

  • Monthly Bulletin of Statistics - UN
    It contains 53 tables, comprising over 100 indicators, of monthly, quarterly and annual data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments, including population, industrial production indices, price indices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade, finance and national accounts..
    Latest issues in Gov Info Reference 310.5 U58m

  • Penn World Tables
    Information on purchasing power parity (PPP) and national income accounts converted to international prices for 188 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2004.