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Key Resources

  • National Accounts Main Aggregates Database - United Nations Statistical Division
  • Contains a complete and consistent set of time series from 1970 onwards of main national accounts aggregates for allUN Members States and all other countries and areas in the world. It is maintained and updated on the basis of annual collections of the official annual national accounts statistics supplemented by estimates of national accounts statistics for those years and countries for which the official statistics has incomplete or inconsistent information. In addition, to the values of national accounts statistics, it contains analytical indicators and ratios derived from the main national accounts aggregates related to economic structure and development.Latest issue in Gov Info Reference UN ST/ESA/ STAT/ SER.X and ST/ESA/STAT/SER.X/SUP.

  • Government Finance Statistics IMF
    Available in print yearbooks for 1977-2005 (336.02 G721). CD-ROM has annual and monthly data from 1990-present.

  • International Financial Statistics Online - IMF 
    Major source for international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. Contains approximately 32,000 time series (1945/60-present) covering more than 200 countries and areas. Print copies (1948-present) located in GovInfo Reference (current eds.) 332.05 I621i and Main GovInfo 332.05 I621i.

  • Balance of Payments Statistics - IMF 
    Provides information on a country's international transactions. Latest month's CD-ROM in GovInfo Reference 382.17 I61ba CD

  • Direction of Trade Statistics - IMF
    Available in print Yearbooks for 1964-1980 (382.05 D598), 1981-present (382.021 D598). CD-ROM has annual and monthly data from 1980-present.

  • Central Government Debt: Statistical Yearbook - OECD
    Provides quantitative information on central government debt instruments for the 30 OECD member countries to meet the analytical requirements of users such as policy makers, debt management experts and market analysts. 

  • Measuring the Non-Observed Economy: a Handbook - OECD
    Makes underground, hidden, grey economies intelligible and consistently quantifiable. An invaluable tool for statistics producers and users and researchers, the book explains how the non-observed economy can be measured and comments on the reliability of and differences between various methods. The purpose of this Handbook is to identify and promote best practice consistent with international standards like the 1993 System of National Accounts.
    Government Publications Supplemental Reference 330.727 M484

  • OECD National Accounts Database - OECD
    Includes information on detailed national accounts, aggregate national accounts, general government accounts, quarterly national accounts, central government debt, and non-member economies.  

  • Quarterly National Accounts - OECD 
    Spans the last 14 years and contains a selection of the accounts most widely used by economic analysts: GDP by expenditure and by industry, gross fixed capital formation by asset, gross fixed capital formation by institutional sector, and components of disposable income are all shown at both current and constant prices. Saving and Net lending and GDP by income at current prices are also provided.
    1983-present. Latest issues in Gov Info Reference 339.3 O68q