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Key Organizations

IAEA - The IAEA is the world´s center of cooperation in the nuclear field. It was set up as the world´s "Atoms for Peace" organization in 1957 within the United Nations family. The Agency works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies.

Nuclear Energy Agency The mission of the NEA is to assist its Member countries in maintaining and further developing, through international co-operation, the scientific, technological and legal bases required for the safe, environmentally friendly and economical use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

EURATOM acts in several areas connected with atomic energy, including research, the drawing-up of safety standards, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. One of the fundamental objectives of the Euratom Treaty is to ensure that all users in the EU enjoy a regular and equitable supply of ores and nuclear fuels (source materials and special fissile materials).

Key Resources

  • Europe's Energy Portal - EU
    A hub for information related to the European Union and energy; includes statistics. 

  • Eurostat - EU 
    Detailed statistics on the EU and candidate countries; search under energy/environment.

  • Nucleus - IAEA
    Provides access to about 130 IAEA scientific, technical and regulatory resources. This includes databases, websites, applications, publications, safety standards, training material and more.

  • IEA Statistics Database
    Specialized IEA statistical databases are not available through OECDiLibrary; however, many IEA print publications are accessible in pdf, as well as available in the GovInfo department.