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Northwestern University Library Student Handbook: Hire

Process After Hire

After receiving the Confirmation letter

Go to the Library Organizational Development Office to complete paperwork listed on the Confirmation Letter.

To view the paperwork and instructions on how to complete them

  • Click on the "On-Boarding" tab in this LibGuide

All paperwork except the tax forms are to be completed in the Library Personnel Office on (three days before) the start date listed on the Confirmation letter.

Process After Hire - Student Supervisor

After Offer of Hire by Hiring Supervisor

Once the offer has been made to the Student/Temp New Hire

  • Go to the student/temp application in Library | Jobs - Supervisor View
  • Select the student/temp application
  • Select Edit
  • Select "Application Status" and then "Offer Made" (this will send an automated message to new hire)
  • Once the new hire responds (email response comes to the email)
    • the Library Organizational Development Office forwards the response email to the hiring supervisor along with the Hire Decision form.
  • Once you receive the response email and hire decision form (if it's "Yes" I accept)
    • Select the "Application Status" and then "Offer Accepted" (this will send an automated message to the Library Personnel Office)
    • Return the completed Hire Decision form to library-personnel@northwestern. edu
  • Library Organizational Development Office will send the new hire a Confirmation Letter with the paperwork he/she needs to complete.

A letter of "Confirmation" by email with the following information

Position title (e.g. Library Aide 3, 4, etc)

Name of the Hiring department

Start date

Wage rate

Where to complete the paperwork (in Library Organizational Development)

Acceptable Document List link (if you need to complete E-Verify)

Document(s) list you need to complete

Work-Study Authorization form (Work-Study Federal program)

Direct Deposit link

Link to Student & Supervisor Handbook

Allow at least a day from the time you return the Hire decision form to the Library Organizational Development so that we can check on the student status in FASIS and E-Verify to see what paperwork is needed for hire in Payroll.

Hire Decision Form

  • Logon to
    • once the Hire Decision form has loaded - press the "Download: button to edit the form
  • complete the form and submit to

Forms that need Supervisor's Signature:

Work-Study Authorization form

  • Supervisor Certification section - requires supervisor signature (come to the Library Organizational Development Office to sign the form)

Non-Resident without a social security card letter

  • Evidence of On-Campus Employment( Intent to Hire) letter (come to the Library Organizational Development to sign the form)

Working More than One Student Job

Student/Temporary Employees Working More Than One Job


Work-Study eligible students are automatically granted authorization for one job. Students who wish to work a second Work-Study job must request it in writing by completing a Request for Two Jobs Form and filing it in the Work-Study Office. The student must list a reason for wanting a second job and know the schedule and hourly rate of both jobs, keeping in mind that:

  • The student must not exceed the award limit working both jobs ( if student does exceed the limit - the supervisor is to decide to keep the student as non-work/study or to terminate from position)
  • The student must not work more than 15 hours/week for both jobs combined

Completed forms may be faxed, mailed or emailed to the Work-Study Office, 1801 Hinman Avenue, Evanston Campus. If approved, a second authorization form must be on file with the Work-Study Office.

Pay for overtime hours (any time over forty hours per week) is not permitted on Work-Study funds.

Non-Work Study Students and Non-NU Students

 Non-Work-Study students and Non-NU Students can work two jobs

  • Both jobs need to be monitored to make sure the hours worked do not go over 40 hours per week.
  • If the temp worker goes over the 40 hours, both departments are pro-rated (they both are responsible for the overtime – this is the policy of the Payroll/Timekeeping Office).
  • The amount charged depends on the amount of hours worked in each department (i.e. a larger percentage is charged to the department with the higher amount of hours worked and a lower percentage is charged to the department with lesser hours. (Example: department with only 6 hours will be charged 1/6 of the overtime)