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Northwestern University Library Student Handbook: Student Supervisors

Students Application Process

Who is eligible to work?

  1. NU Students
  2. Non-NU Students
    1. Garrett Seminary and Continuing Education students are considered Non-NU Students
    2. Non-NU students can be hired during the summer only
      1.  During the academic school year they can work if:
        1. You cannot fill the job with NU student during the academic year
        2. You have Department Head Approval
  3. Temp Pool Candidates


Students must be able to work the designated schedule on the job description.

When Do Interviews Begin?


When will interview begin for new postings?

  • Fall quarter hiring - interviews begins New Student week (September)
  • Winter quarter hiring - interviews begins the first day after New Year observance
  • Spring quarter hiring - interviews begins the first Monday after Spring break
  • Summer quarter hiring - interviews begins the second Monday of May

Where are the Library Student Jobs Posted?

All Students and Temporary Employee Jobs are posted:

  • on the Library | Jobs webpage
  • during the fall paper copies are posted at the User Experience Info Common tent (located on the Library Plaza)

When Are The Library Student Jobs Available?

  • Fall Quarter  - September 1
  • Winter Quarter - December 1
  • Spring Quarter - March 1
  • Summer Quarter - May 1
    Summer Jobs begin on the Sunday after graduation in June
    Summer Jobs ends on the Saturday before New Student Week

NOTE: students/temps can start before the above times for summer if you have the budget to do so.

Job Title, Wage & Description

View the Job Title, Wage and Description (from the Work Study) with the job title, Job class, base and maximum wage and the job description.  Please view to make sure that the students are being paid for the work that they are performing.




LIBRARY AIDE 3 (AL3)    JOB CLASS #100112                BASE WAGE $8.25         MAX. WAGE $9.38


Perform tasks for which most skills will be taught on the job, including opening and closing procedures, simple data entry, interpretation of library computer information, or average typing; some decision making and problem solving required within established guidelines; may enforce user policies and regulations, or be responsible for operation of a high use/high demand collection in absence of staff.


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Previous clerical or library experience preferred; good interpersonal skills necessary; must be very reliable, punctual, conscientious, and personable.



LIBRARY AIDE 4 (AL4)    JOB CLASS #100031                BASE WAGE $8.75       MAX. WAGE $9.90


Perform tasks requiring a consistent and high level of productivity, timeliness, and a wide range of functional knowledge; responsibilities require that student master a wide range of intellectually demanding duties and work independently; duties may include complex data entry.


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Some clerical or library experience highly preferred; some prerequisite skills required; excellent interpersonal and organizational skills essential; must be extremely reliable, conscientious, quick thinking, and attentive to detail.



LIBRARY AIDE 5 (AL5)    JOB CLASS #100342                BASE WAGE $9.75        MAX. WAGE $10.75


Perform duties requiring a high degree of responsibility and independence once training is complete; requires general knowledge of library-wide policies, procedures, and services; may require ability to deal with security and emergency situations in absence of staff; tasks may include monitoring access to building or department, checking that materials are properly charged out, or retrospective conversion; duties may require ability to interpret, formulate, and code bibliographic or authority data.


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Senior or Junior preferred; previous clerical or library experience and skills required; must be absolutely reliable, conscientious, mature, responsible, and personable.



LIBRARY AIDE 6 (AL6)    JOB CLASS #100132                BASE WAGE $10.50     MAX. WAGE $11.50


Direct responsibility for a primary departmental function, may include supervising and training other students; may assume responsibility for entire department in absence of staff.


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  Senior or outstanding Junior required; considerable specialized library experience required, including minimum one year of directly relevant experience; must be mature, responsible, and conscientious.



PC Systems Aide   (AL7)             JOB CLASS 100020                  BASE WAGE 14.00       MAX WAGE 15.00

 Duties may include performing complex programming tasks requiring extensive programming courseware and experience; assisting in development and maintenance of system or application software; independent writing, modifying, documenting, and supporting computer programs using operating system editors, compilers, libraries, utilities, and language translators.

Desirable Qualifications: Junior or Senior, minimum two years programming experience, and extensive computer coursework required; experience with computer systems; knowledge of at least two programming languages; mature, responsible, and reliable; ability to work independently.


COMPUTING ASSISTANT NWS (AL8) Job Class # 102758 BASE WAGE $15.00     Max Wage 16.00

Duties may include performing moderately complex programming tasks requiring prior programming experience; modifying existing programs or developing moderately complex programs under general supervision; working to improve efficiency of current program; performing research and analysis tasks; and maintaining data management system.

Desirable Qualifications: Prior computer experience and coursework required; knowledge of at least one programming language other than BASIC.

When does work Study begin and end?


Work-Study begins - first work period following New Student week
Work-Study ends - on the Saturday of finals week


Job Description

Make sure the job description is current for all student and temporary positions.

Job Posting form must include:

Position Form must include

  • Number of Open Position(s)
  • Department Name
  • If posting is Non-Work-Study,    

Work-Study or Both

  • Current Supervisor Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone Extension
  • Position Title
  • Effective Date for Position
  • Job Description
  • Number of Openings
  • Salary
  • Job Title
  • Hours Available
  • Wage
  • Where Evening Hours are Available
  • Department Code
  • Qualifications
  • Job Code
  • Supervisor(s) Name
  • Duties and Responsibilities


  • Qualifications


  • Chart String


  • If a Grant account, Start Date and End Date

Types of Student/Temporary Workers


 The Federal Work-Study Program was established by Congress as part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Its purpose is the promotion of part-time employment for students with financial need in order to achieve three main goals:

  1. To assist students in earning money to meet their educational costs
  2. To provide work experience related to the student's chosen academic major or career field
  3. To improve relations between the University and the community.


Work-Study is a federally-subsidized program and wage costs are shared by the federal government and the individual employers.

The current wage cost ratio for on-campus employers is 30%-70%.

  • On-campus employer pays 30% of each student's wage
  • The Federal Government pays 70%.

See for additional information about the Work-Study program


NU students who are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program can be hired as a non- work-study employee.

NOTE: Non-Work-Study students can also contact:

 University Career Services, 620 Lincoln Street, Evanston Campus (847-491-3700) or visit the University Career Services website.


Non-NU Students – students who do not attend Northwestern University may apply for employment.  This includes High School students, students attending other institutions, Garrett Seminary and NU Continuing Education Program.

NOTE: Non-NU Students can also contact NU Temporary Staffing Service at

Hiring Process:

1. Supervisor posts a position online or requests that a position be posted

  • Any advertisement for a position should be done in conjunction with marketing for a Library jobs. Any department-specific advertisement must be approved by the Personnel Office and must direct applicants to the online application.


  1. Student applies online; supervisor is notified automatically
    • Applications cannot be accepted on paper, via email, or any other format. Any candidate considered for a position must have an electronic application on file in the position for which they are being considered


  1. Supervisor logs in to online database to review applications
  1. If not interviewing a student, supervisor sets application status to “NOT INTERVIEWED”
  2. If an interview will be scheduled, supervisor sets status to “CONTACTING FOR INTERVIEW (INTERVIEWING)”  and an email for interview is immediately sent to applicant
    • This method must be used for requesting an interview
    • Supervisors must respond to all active applications with a status change, even if the position is filled and regardless of the number of applicants.
    • All Supervisors for the job to which a student applied will be able to see the status of all other jobs on that application. Contact between supervisors for a common candidate is encouraged.
  1. Supervisor interviews candidate and determines whether or not to extend an offer
  1. If the position will not be offered, supervisor sets status to “NOT HIRED”
  2. If an offer is made, supervisor sets status to “OFFER MADE”; Personnel is automatically notified
    • Supervisors may tell the candidate to expect an offer, but official offer and acceptance must be conducted through the Personnel office.
  1. Personnel Office extends official offer to applicant
  1. Upon contact with the student, the Personnel Office will set application status to “OFFER EMAIL SENT” or “HIRED-PENDING PAPERWORK”
    • If the offer is accepted, the student will be required to come to the Personnel Office and complete all paperwork and I-9 verification prior to any scheduled shift or training
  1. Supervisor is notified via email when applicant is officially hired
    • Applicant is not considered hired until supervisor is notified by the Personnel Office
    • No hours (work or training) can be scheduled until officially hired; hours worked prior to full hire are against University and Federal regulations and will not be paid
  • If an applicant is “NOT INTERVIEWED” or “NOT HIRED” by all primary positions and the student selected secondary positions, the Personnel Office will route the application as necessary.
  • All interview requests will be sent immediately to the applicant. Denial emails (“NOT INTERVIEWED” and “NOT HIRED”) are also sent immediately.
  • The Personnel Office will track the progress of all applicants and contact supervisors or applicants who do not provide timely response.

Application Status Verbiage:

Not interviewed: email message sent

Message: Thank you for your application to the [node:field_student_job_id_url-title-raw] position in [node:field_department-raw] department. I am writing to let you know that you have not been selected for the position.

Thank you again for your interest in working at the Library. 

We wish you success in your job hunt.

Contacted for Interview (Interviewing): Supervisor wishes to interview the applicant and is in the process of setting up/conducting the interview (email message sent by Supervisor with date and time of interview)

Interviewed: Interview completed (no action taken)

Pending Interview (No Decision): Supervisor is interested in applicant but has not contacted them for an interview, but do not want to send them a “Not Interviewed” notice. (no action taken)

Not Hired: Supervisor has interviewed and reject the applicant (email queued to applicant)

Dear [node:field_first_name-raw],


Thank you for taking the time to interview for the position of [node:field_student_job_id_url-title-raw] at the Library [node:field_student_department-raw]. I am writing to notify you that this position has been offered to and accepted by another candidate.

Your application will be retained on file for future openings for one quarter.  Please respond to whether we are to retain your application or not at , include your full name with the message “Yes, I would like my application retained on file.” Or “No, I would not like my application retained on file.”

Thank you again for your interest in working at the library.  I wish you success in your job search.


Library Personnel Office

Offer made: Supervisor has interviewed the applicant and would like to extend an offer

Message: Congratulations,  I would like to offer you the [node:field_student_job_id_url-title-raw] position in the [node:field_student_department-raw] department.  Please reply back with your acceptance status as soon as possible.

If you accept this offer, the Library Personnel Office will send a confirmation letter with the start date, rate of pay and instructions on what paper work you need to complete for hire.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Pending Hire (no decision): Supervisor is interested in making an offer to a candidate but has not made the offer. They do not want to send the applicant a “Not Hired” notice. (no action taken)

Offer Accepted: Student has accepted offer, paperwork needs to be completed.

Message: [node:field_last_name-raw], [node:field_first_name-raw] has accepted the [node:field_student_job_id_url-title-raw] position. Please change the student job status for the same and send the offer confirmation letter.

Hired: All paperwork is complete and Student is officially hired and able to start work. (no action taken)


Application Stage (for Personnel use only) Verbiage: (these do not have an automatic email response)

Offer email sent: Offer has been sent to the student.

Hired-Pending Paperwork: Student accepted offer but has not seen the Personnel Office regarding paperwork

Hired E-Verify not completed: Student has not completed E-Verify and is not able to start work.

Hired-Missing Paperwork: Student has partial/missing paperwork and is not able to start work.

Hired-Paperwork Complete: Personnel office has completed all applicant paperwork, student can be moved to “Hired” status.

Scheduling a New Hire:

A new employee cannot be scheduled to work or train until full approval is provided by the Personnel Office, at which point the applicant’s status will be set to “HIRED” and the supervisor will be notified via email.

To be fully hired, an applicant must accept the offer and fully complete all paperwork, including the Library Data Form, Personal Data Form, Work-Study Authorization (if required), Federal and Illinois tax Forms, and the E-Verify I-9.

  1. Any hours worked prior to the date of official hire will be considered unpaid and volunteer.
  2.  It is against University policy and Federal law to allow an employee to work without full completion of the E-Verify I-9.
  1. The student must bring in original forms of identification before the I-9 is considered complete. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure no work is conducted until I-9 authorization has been obtained.


New Hires/Re – Hires are not to be scheduled for work unless they have completed E-Verify and the Personal Data Form


  • Work Study
    • Employers are asked to set a weekly limit to 10-15 hours of work per week to ensure that students don’t reach their earnings limit before June
    • Students scheduled during class breaks may work full time; however, pay for overtime hours (any time over forty hours per week) is not permitted on Work-Study funds. Employers must pay these hours from their own account.
    • The Federal Work-Study Program cannot pay for any work in excess of 15 hours a week, or eight hours a day for students working at all-day or overnight programs.
    • Please remember that money earned during vacation periods counts towards a student's earnings limit. The Federal Work-Study Program is intended to help students offset the cost of their educational program, not to replace employees in the work place.
  • Non-Work-Study and Non-Residents
    • Employers are asked to set a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year for non-work-study and non-residents.
  • Non-NU Students
    • Non-NU students can work a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Work-Study Supervision

Per federal regulation, all work-study students must be supervised by a permanent staff member, not another student, of the department or organization. This supervisor must sign all forms, and approve timesheets. The supervisor must also be present on a regular basis to review the performance of the students.



Orientation for New Hire/Re-Hire

An orientation check list for students and temporary employees can be viewed at

Summer Employment

  • After final exams in June, Work-Study students are changed to Non-Work-Study and their earnings are charged 100 % to the department budget. 
  • Number of hours per week is not to exceed 40 hours.
  • Wages earned during the summer DO NOT count against the student’s academic year Work-Study earning limit


Net ID Needed for Students Who Have Graduated

If a student has graduated and their NETID has expired they need to:

  • Contact Information Technology at 847-491-HELP (4357)
  • Request a new Net ID or change the expiration date of current ID to September of the current year (Use the date when new student week begins).




The Work-Study program does not pay overtime to Work-Study students –

  • If students work over 40 hours, the department is responsible for the overtime payment. 
  • The Work-Study office will charge back the overpayment to your department chart string.


Non-Work-Study students are not paid overtime –

  • If students work over 40 hours the department will be charged for the overtime.
  • If students work two jobs the overtime will be pro-rated in both departments
  • Hours of both jobs should be monitored (ask student about number of hours worked in his/her second job so you can schedule accordingly for your department needs)

Supervisor View

Username and Password
The Username and Password is created by the Personnel Office and sent in an email to Student-Supervisors

How to log on to Supervisor View

Once you receive your username and password enter this URL -
this will bring you to the User Account (see below).  Follow the instructions listed under the Username and Password field then press "Log in"

You have the option of changing the password (see tab above "Request new password").

After you logon you will see the "My Account" panel to the right of the panel is "POPULAR LINKS"
click on "Apply for Library Jobs"

Clicking on "Supervisor View"  (third selection from bottom) will take you to the "library jobs |supervisor panel where you can view the student/temp applications.

How to Search for your department in the library jobs/supervisor view
Type you council group name in the "Your Department" field and press the "Apply" button.

a list of all students/temps who applied for your position will appear.