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Northwestern University Library Student Handbook: Benefits


Students and temps. do not receive benefits such as sick or vacation leave. Employers should offer student employees a minimum thirty-minute lunch/dinner break if scheduled for six or more hours.

Breaks & Lunch


  • If student /temp is working for 6 hours a fifteen minute break is given.
  •  If they work over 6 hours they get 2 fifteen minutes breaks and a lunch of at least 30 minutes or no more than one hour

Lunch periods

  • are unpaid and range from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of  one hour in a work period of 7½ hours or more,
  • a meal period of at least 30 minutes must be provided before the end of 5 hours of work.
  • certain employees who are required to remain on duty or on  call through the lunch period, the lunch period is part of the paid work shift.
  • In work situations where employees are free to move about and visit restrooms from time to time, formal rest periods are unnecessary
  • However, full-time employees who are substantially bound to one work site and to continuous tasks without freedom to move should have a specific rest break each half day.
  • Under similar working conditions, part-time employees who work at least four but less than seven hours per day are eligible for one such rest break per day.
  • Rest periods do not exceed 15 minutes and may not be accumulated or used to shorten the beginning or ending of a workday.
  • Rest breaks are scheduled at the discretion of the supervisor.



  • Payroll is processed early for the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas,  sometimes New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day
  • Students/Temp are not eligible for holiday pay
  • Library Hours on- check with your department supervisor concerning the Holiday listed:
    • Memorial Day
    • Thanksgiving