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Northwestern University Library Student Handbook: Forms Used


New Hire Application (complete on-line application)

  • Have not worked at Northwestern University

Re-Hire Application (complete the on-line application)

  • Have worked at Northwestern University or at the Library and is returning after six months or more.

Continuing/Returning/Tranferring Application (complete the on-line application)

  • Continuing : student worked the previous quarter and continuing to the next quarter (e.g worked the  summer quarter and is continuing through to the fall)
  • Returning-  student worked previous quarter (1 - 5 months ago) and will be returning in the upcoming quarter
  • Transferring - student worked in another department in the previous quarter but is being hired in another department in the upcoming quarter.

NOTE: the Continuing/Returning/Transferring application must be completed and submitted to the Library Personnel office in order for the student/temp file will be updated in FASIS (the new wage rate, status of work-study or non-work-study will not be updated).  There is no retroactive pay if the application is not submitted after the end of a work period.

Work/Study Office Forms:

Work-Study Award Tracking Sheet

Request Two Jobs Form

Termination Form


  • N.U. Wildcard (Students I.D.)

The N.U. Wildcard (Student I.D.) is used to keep track of student employee hours in the Library time keeping system. 

If you are graduating will continue to work for the Library for a short period of time, you can continue to use the Wildcard to clock IN/OUT although the card will/have expire(d).

P T Cards

  • Part-Time and Temp Employee ID card (P-T/Temp ID card)

This card is for Non-NU students

The WildCARD office has created an ID for part-time and temp employees that will carry a photo as well as everything currently contained on the stripe found on the back of a time access card (this is the Univ. ID number).   (


The procedure is  once the part-time/ temporary employee is entered into FASIS (a.k.a. HRIS)  and are assigned an University ID number, the Library Personnel Office submits a request to the Wildcard Office,  .  After the request  has been submitted the part-time/temporary employee can go to the Wildcard office with their employee ID number and a picture ID (driver’s license, state id or a valid, unexpired passport) to obtain the card.


Question - What is the cost?

Answer -Cards are free for part-time/temporary employees but the replacement for lost or stolen cards is $15.00


Forms Used at Library

Discrepancy Forms

The discrepancy form is used to:

  • Record missed shifts

Reason to use discrepancy form

  •  forgot punch IN/OUT or lost the Wildcard (Student ID)
  • student/temporary employee is eligible to work but has not been added into the Payroll system

All completed discrepancy forms are to be given to the Supervisor to enter in the timekeeping system.

Students need to review timesheets carefully. If hours worked do not appear on the timesheet, the Student should discuss with a Supervisor and complete a discrepancy form if necessary.

NOTE: The Discrepancy form is not to be used as a source for reporting hours worked – it is to be used for the above reasons only. If the NU ID is lost it should be replaced as soon as possible and report the new number to the Library Personnel Office.

  • W-2 Forms
    • Effective 12/21/2011 all employees will have the option of getting their W-2 form electronically within FASIS Self-Service. You will need to consent to receive your form electronically – this will give you earlier access to this tax information. If you do not elect the electronic process, or were terminated in FASIS before 12/21/2011 the form will be sent to the home address. 


How to register for Multi-Factor Authentication on FASIS Self-Service to have access to the electronic W-2 Form and to access Direct Deposit:

Multi-factor Authentication at Northwestern

NOTE: To request a repirnt of your W-2

To request a reprint of your W-2:

  • Email the Payroll Office at and indicate you are requesting a reprint of your W-2.  Please include your name and employee ID in the request.  Reprints are sent via the U.S. Postal Service, or they may be picked up in either Payroll Office.
  • Stop by the Payroll Office in Evanston or Chicago and pick up the reprint after showing proper identification.   Reprints are NOT sent via email or fax in order to protect the privacy of the confidential personal information reported on the W-2. 

If your address has changed recently, please update it in the  FASIS Self Service Portal (current employees) or submit an updated Personal Data Form along with your reprint request (separated employees).

Use to schedule to keep track of the work period, approval of timesheet and pay date:

Bi-Weekly Employees Cut-off Date Schedule (2015)


View the Holiday Schedule for dates that the Library will be closed.  Check with your supervisor to see if your department is open and if you will be scheduled to work.

Work-Study Forms

Direct Deposit

May be completed prior to coming to the Library Organizational Development Office. If the form is filled out manually, make sure all numbers are written legibly.

Direct Deposit Form


New Hires:
Complete the Direct Deposit form immediately upon hire to ensure timely deposit of your first paycheck.

Requesting Changes:                                                                                                                                      Existing employees may submit a new copy of this form at any time to add, change, or remove direct deposit accounts. You can also enroll in Multi-factor Authentication to enter or change direct deposit information online at any time in the FASIS Self Service Portal (

NOTE: Employees can view and print their payroll advice in the FASIS Self Service Portal up to two days before pay date.

Tax Forms

Tax Forms can be completed prior to coming to the Library Organizational Development Office, but forms MUST be printed with both the FRONT and BACK.

Forms: Required for all U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Helpful Hints for Completing Tax Forms:

  • What's a Withholding Allowance? It represents your total tax deductions divided by the personal exemption rate. The withholding allowance is related to, but not the same as, the number of dependents you can claim on your tax return.
  • If you have more than one job, if your spouse works, or if you itemize your deductions, use the worksheet on Form W-4 page 2. Use this worksheet to calculate the number of allowances to claim instead of relying on your personal exemptions.
  • If you have more than one job, make sure you claim zero allowances at your second job. Claiming "exempt" is not the same thing as claiming zero. By claiming zero, the highest amount of tax will be withheld.
  • You are exempt from income tax withholding only if your income for the year will be less than $800. If you are exempt, skip lines 5 and 6, and write "EXEMPT" on line 7.

Tax Information

Note: Year-end W-2 Forms are in the mail by January 31 each year and sent to the home address filled out on the tax forms. Employees who register with Multi-Factor Authentication may choose to receive their W-2 Form electronically, which can be downloaded and printed from within the FASIS Self Service Portal.  Communication will be sent to all employees regarding electronic W-2 Forms each December.

Requesting a duplicate copy of W-2 form:

  • Contact the Payroll Office                                                                                                                   Phone: 1/847-491-7362                                                                                                                    Email:
    • Include your full name, University ID (located on the check stub or Wildcard), old and new address.