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Northwestern University Library Student Handbook: Payment Process

Student and Supervisor


“State law requires that employees be paid no later than 13 days after the pay period in which the work has been performed.”

  • The work week of the University starts at the beginning of Sunday and ends at the

          end of the following Saturday.


  • Bi-Weekly staff are paid every two weeks on the Friday following the end of each two-week pay period.


“Northwestern University does not issue pay advances. No hours should be reported for a student before the work is performed.”


Students and temporary employees can receive a pay increase in the followings ways:

  • Longevity –an increase of .05 cents per quarter for continuous service with the same employer
    • Must be hired by the end of the second pay period in the quarter to be eligible.
  • Merit – an increase for job performance –this includes the spring qtr rate + merit+ longevity = the fall rate. 
    • Effective date is September first work period following new student week.


  • All questions & concerns about a paycheck, are to be directed to the Library Personnel Office (847)491-7668.
  • Reasons Why an Employee did not receive a paycheck
    • Missing proper identification for the Employment Eligibility Form
    • Did not complete the Personal Data form or the Employment Eligibility form
    • Did not sign the Personal Data form or the Employment Eligibility form
    • Work/Study Authorization Form was not turned in
    • Did not change the mailing address – check went to Permanent Address instead of Local Address
    • Did not complete a Personal Data Form to change last years address – went to old address.
    • Non-Resident – missing Passport, Visa documentation, Alien Tax Status Form or forms not complete.
    • Forgot to clock in/o
    • Forgot to clock in/out  - no hours recorded.
    • from HRIS on 08/08/05
    • Checks generally are not issued because of missing or late time sheets. 
    • Any biweekly timesheets received late will be processed on the next available
    • pay date.
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