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Video Production Studio: Lightboard

Services and details provided by the studio

Before you enter the Space

  • Plan your talk (write a script) so you know where you are going to be drawing on the lightboard. If you need to erase a lot, it might be too long.
  • When you elect to use the teleprompter (upper right monitor), you can use the desktop computer to pull up your script.
  • Pause before starting, and look at the camera. This gives you a clean cut point, to edit out your walk-on.
  • If people are going to watch several videos, they don't want an intro on each one.
  • You can incorporate PowerPoint slides, graphics, movies or even props.
  • You can add text in YouTube. This can be for a superimposed intro caption or a topic name, or for reinforcement or corrections. Use YouTube's annotations of the types called notes and titles.
  • Solid color (not black) clothing works best when recording. No text or busy patterns on clothing is preferred.

Configuring Teleprompter Content

On the tablet, select "Teleprompter on" button to turn on monitor

  1. Sign in to the desktop computer with your NetID and your NetID password.
  2. Open your script for your file and copy the text.
  3. Click on the "Teleprompter Option" icon located on the upper left of the desktop.
  4. Click on the text area (gray) and paste your script.
  5. You can adjust the size of your font and your scrolling speed (blue bars) located on the top navigation bar of the software.
  6. Drag your teleprompter window to the right of the desktop monitor until you see it on the teleprompter monitor (upper right) on the wall.
  7. Maximize your window.
  8. Click the play/pause button when ready to start recording your video.


  • There are two microphone options in the Video Production Studio: the boom mic (a.k.a. the "shotgun" mic) or the lapel, (a.k.a. lav - short for Lavalier), microphones.
  • The boom mic is mounted on the ceiling above and center of the lightboard itself.
  • The lav mic can be checked out at the service desk of Mudd library. If you have multiple speakers, two are available for check out, if needed

PowerPoint for the Lightboard

  • Set the slide background to black, and the page aspect ratio to 16x9 before you start.
  • PowerPoint is not good with page layout changes later; it will stretch your slide content.
  • Leave space for you. You become a character inside your PowerPoint slide. (You can also put all your content in a traditional corner inset)
  • Try something other than the usual "bullet point talk". Add hand-written items interspersed with just a few PowerPoint bullets. Handwritten check marks. Or cartoon sketches but no text.
  • You can use a second monitor for notes, or even as a teleprompter. You can make secret dots in dry-erase black, on the glass, using your PowerPoint in advance. Then you can point straight at those, instead of a "weatherman wave".
  • You can run a movie in PowerPoint, and even point to things in a movie as it runs.