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Video Production Studio: Lightboard

Services and details provided by the studio

Recording a Quick Test Video

  1. Once your quick test file is finished recording,the traffic-cone icon will be replaced with a snapshot of the first frame of your recorded content.
  2. Feel free to now open the file to preview your recorded content. During the playing of your test video, note the following:

  • Make sure the settings on the strip lights represents you accurately when the video is played on the desktop monitor.
  • Double check the audio level is to your satisfaction.
  • Make sure all elements of your presentation are within the camera frame
  1. If needed, re-record your content, and go through recording and preview process again. Remember, wait until the traffic-cone icon is replaced with a snapshot of your recorded content. Double-click the snapshot to preview your recording.

  2. Once you are satisfied with your test recording, the next step is to start your actual presentation recording.

Recording Instructions

  • Plug in your laptop with the black HDMI cable (and adapter as needed) If you do not need a laptop for you recording, you may skip this step.
  • Choose the "Light Board Mode" option on the tablet (see left picture below). This will power on the necessary recording equipment.*Users may not make any adjustments to the equipment on the walls. The camera may NOT be adjusted physically.


  • Situate yourself on the designated floor markers to begin recording.
  • Adjust above strip lights to your preference so the most accurate representation of yourself is on your recording (See below for more details).
  • Press the RECORD button (see third picture above from left) on the shelf by the glass that you may use to begin recording. Another option is the RECORD button on the tablet (see second picture above from left). The recording begins when you see the word RECORDING flashing in red on the tablet  and the "ON THE AIR" sign (see fourth picture above from left) located on the top center wall is lit.
  • After clicking on RECORD, wait 5 seconds to start talking/presenting.
  • When you are finished, press Stop on the button on the shelf behind the glass. You can also go to the tablet to press STOP. Once the word RECORDING is no longer flashing, then your recording has stopped.
  • You can tell the recording has stopped when the recording sign located on the top center wall is NOT lit anymore.

During Recording

Keep in Mind / Be aware

  • When writing on the board, look at what you are writing.
  • Interact with what you write on the board –it’s natural to talk with your hands.
  • When you aren't writing or pointing, look at the camera.
  • Leave yourself a window. Or at least try not to draw horizontal lines through your eyes or mouth.
  • When pointing, try to point from the side, not from the back, so that your fingers stand out against the black background.
  • Don't push so hard against the glass with the markers. With a light touch, you can mostly avoid markers squeaking.
  • Markers are slow to erase. To avoid smearing erase with a dry cloth first, and then remove any residue with glass cleaner.

Adjusting the Strip Lights

  • The black dimmer knob (see picture below) to adjust the strip lights is located on the far left of the wooden shelf behind the glass.

  • Rotating it clock-wise will cause the strip lights to go brighter, counter-clockwise darker.
  • Adjust strip lighting to your preference so the most accurate representation of yourself is on the recorded video.
  • We recommend doing a short video test recording.
  • View your recorded test video on the desktop computer monitor in the room. Do NOT reference the levels on the lightboard viewing monitor.
  • Recording instructions and Instructions to recording a quick test video are below.


  • When lav mics are being used, it is best practice to turn off the boom mic by muting it on the bottom center of the tablet screen.
  • Always check your mics before recording by looking at the audio meter located on the upper right hand corner of the viewing monitor. The light indicators should jump accordingly when you speak into the mic.