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Video Production Studio: Lightboard

Services and details provided by the studio

About Lightboard

The Video Production Studio is currently OPEN to faculty, students, and staff.

For a consultation request email Ted Quiballo at

To reserve the your time in the VPS click below:

An added feature to the lightboard has been completed. Now you can broadcast your lightboard presentation live over Zoom to your audience. Just locate the Zoom app on the desktop in the video production studio.

Created by Northwestern Engineering Professor, Michael Peshkin, Lightboard is a glass chalkboard that uses light to allow users to face viewers while writing and recording a lecture. The board is video taped in mirror reflection, giving users a quick and easy way to communicate technical subjects, equations, and sketches, all while engaging with the camera and the viewers. See Lightboard in action

The Lightboard feature is best used for supplemental problems, flipped classroom lectures, and explanations of more complex problems.


The Video Production Studio is located in the Mudd Building, second floor. It is within Mudd library, Room 2169 on the northeast corner of the library.

Need Help?

First time using the Lightboard? No worries, you got help. If you need a one-one consultation or if you are planning your class to use the lightboard within your curriculum as part of your presentation options, contact the Instructional Technologies Librarian, Ted Quiballo to find out details on how we can provide lightboard instruction for your class.