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Gender & Sexuality Studies

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The following are recommended starting points for finding articles in the interdisciplinary field of Gender & Sexuality Studies.  Supplement search results from GenderWatch or Gender Studies Database with searches in databases for one or more of the subject disciplines relevant to your topic and listed below under broad categories.  The complete A-Z Database List  can be browsed or searched using pre-set subject, database type, and vendor filters.

Jump to sections below:  Gender  |  Multidisciplinary  |  Humanities  |  Social Sciences  |  Health Sciences  |  Women's Magazines  |  Google Scholar




| Art/Architecture | Film/TV | History | Literature/Linguistics | Music | Performance Studies | Philosophy | Religion

Art / Architecture

Film / TV


Literature / Linguistics


Performance Studies



Social Sciences

Health Sciences

Women's Magazines

Google Scholar

If you use Google Scholar, be sure to customize your Google account settings to include links to NUL subscription content.  This will ensure that you see fewer paywalls, that request for money before you can see the full-text of an article.  For articles that are not available freely, or through the NU Libraries, you can request a copy using the NU Libraries' InterLibrary Loan service.

The following short handout, or video, will take you through the process of customizing your Google account.