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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Resources to track events and research the origins and impact of the crisis in Ukraine.


Ukraine Crisis in Maps New York TImes

Ukraine Crisis in Maps BBC News

The United Nation's cartographic section publishes detailed and themed maps of the world, including Ukraine.

Crisis in the Crimea: The Showdown Between Ukraine and Russia
This "StoryMap", built using ESRI software, provides three thematic views of the Crimean peninsula: Geographic Hot Spots, Ethnic makeup of the Crimean population, and Distribution of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine (using 2001 Census data).



CRS: Ukraine current issues and US policy
Prepared for the US Congress by the Congressional Research Service (2/26/2014)

Backgrounder:  Ukraine in Crisis
Council on Foreign Relations  (update 3/11/2014)

Ukraine Crisis Explained in 60 Seconds
BBC News (2/19/2014)

Ukraine Crisis Timeline (BBC)

Ukraine's Path to Unrest - Timeline (NYTimes - 12/2013)

Ukrainian Crisis 2014
Day By Day Updates, Key documents, and many additional resources
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