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Illinois State Government Information

A research guide for Illinois government information

Selected Illinois Statistics

General Statistical Resources (print format)

  • State of Illinois Statistical Abstract
    By Illinois Bureau of the Budget
    Library has : 1973, 1980 & 1981
  • Illinois Statistical Abstract
    By Bureau of Economic and Business Research at Univ. of Illinois - UC
    Library has : 1987, 1989-2001 (also see "Illinois Economic Abstract 1977")
  • Illinois State and regional economic data book
    By Illinois Dept. of Business and Economic Development
    Library has : 1970-71 : 1972-73 : 1976,78,82,85 & 89
  • Illinois County data book
    By Illinois General Assembly, Legislative Research Unit
    Library has : 1989, 2002, 2013
  • We also have a variety of subject statistical reports, such as:

NU Online Resources:

Illinois Association of Realtors
Housing sales and other real estate related statistical reports available from the IL Association of Realtors. See also this Housing Statistics Archives site.

Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Illinois population and economic statistics

Illinois Dept. of Employment Security
Complete source for Illinois labor market information, such as statistics, projections and estimates and various reports.

Illinois Dept. of Public Health Statistics
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) collects and evaluates thousands of health statistics to measure progress toward state and national health objectives. For more detailed data viewing and downloading at county/community level, use the IPLAN Data System.

Institute of Government & Public Affairs (IGPA)
IGPA improves public policy discussion through non-partisan, evidence-based research and public engagement in Illinois. The center's previously published very useful statistical annual reports, the Illinois Statistical Abstract, are discontinued/no longer available (note: 1987, 1989-2001 are available in print and the  2004 IL Statistical Abstract is available from Web Archive Org.)

Illinois State Police : Uniform Crime Reports (Crimes in Illinois)
Crime in Illinois is published annually by the Illinois State Police, documenting reported crimes in Illinois cities and counties. The report also covers special jurisdictions such as universities and park district police agencies. Note: Scroll down to the bottom to find links to annual reports (1997 - current.)

Illinois Tax Statistics
By the Illinois Department of Revenue. You would be suprised to learn that so much information can come from tax statistics! For example, its "Equalized Assessed Valuations of Local and State-Assessed Property" can be used as an indicator of land use change (residential, industrial, agricultural.)

(Northern) Illinois Data
The northern Illinois business and industry data center developed by the Regional Development Institute, Northern Illinois University, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.

Standard Industrial Classificaton (SIC) Code Reporting
The SIC report is compiled to provide detail information regarding the types of business collecting the various taxes connected to the retailing of tangible personal property. This report shows the amount of each tax type, by a category grouping and totals for each incorporated municipality, the unincoporated areas of each county. In addition this report provides grand totals for the following:

  • County Totals - All municipal and unincorporated areas of each county.
  • Cook and Collar County Totals - This includes all municipal and unincorporated areas of DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Will, Kane & Cook.
  • Downstate Totals - This includes all municipal and unincorporated areas of state except DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Will, Kane & Cook.
  • State Totals - This includes all municipal and unincorporated areas of the state.


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