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Illinois State Government Information: Other States

A research guide for Illinois government information

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Ballotpedia is an online encyclopedia about American politics and elections, that connects people to politics by providing information about politics at the local, state, and federal level.

Project Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to ALL Americans.  Biographical information, voting records, issue positions, ratings by various interest groups, speeches and disclosed funding/contributions are provided for candidates and incumbents at federal, state, and local levels of government.


State Government Info Collections

National Survey of State Laws

State Blue Books

"Blue Book" is a generic title for a state publication that provides information about the organization and function of a state's government.  These publications go by a variety of titles and typically provide contact information for government agencies and elected officials along with state facts (important dates, statistics, the state song), elected officials to national offices, and elections.  However be aware, not all states publish "Blue Books."

The information for this guide was gathered from the State Blue Book & Encyclopedias guide which also includes links to state encyclopedias and statistical abstracts, where available.


ALABAMA - Alabama Department of Archives and History

ALASKA - Handbook On Alaska State Government

ARIZONA - Arizona Blue Book

CALIFORNIA - California Statistical Abstract




FLORIDA - Guide to Florida Government


HAWAII - Guide to Government in Hawaii

IDAHO - Idaho Blue Book

ILLINOIS - Illinois Blue Book


IOWA - Iowa Official Register


KENTUCKY - Executive Branch of Kentucky State Government



MARYLAND - Maryland Manual

MICHIGAN - Michigan Manual

MINNESOTA - Minnesota Legislative Manual (Blue Book)

MISSISSIPPI - Blue Book: Mississippi Official & Statistical Register

MISSOURI - Official Manual State of Missouri

MONTANA - Montana Government

NEBRASKA - Nebraska Blue Book

NEVADA - Nevada Legislative Manual


NEW JERSEY -  New Jersey State Government Information

NEW MEXICO - New Mexico Blue Book and the New Mexico Roster of Officials

NEW YORK - New York Statistical Yearbook

NORTH CAROLINA - North Carolina Manual

NORTH DAKOTA - North Dakota Blue Book

OHIO - Ohio Facts & History

OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma Almanac

OREGON - Oregon Blue Book

PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania Manual

RHODE ISLAND -  Rhode Island Government Owner's Manual

SOUTH CAROLINA - South Carolina Legislative Manual

SOUTH DAKOTA - Legislative Manual (Blue Book)

TENNESSEE - Tennessee Blue Book


VERMONT - Vermont Legislative Directory

VIRGINIA - Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth (Blue Book)


WISCONSIN - Wisconsin Blue Book

WYOMING - Wyoming State Government Directory

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