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Note that these screenshots refer to NUsearch, our library catalog, but the same techniques apply to any database you're using. Questions? Ask Becca!  

Using NUsearch to Find Peer-Reviewed Literature

1. Conduct a search for a topic you're interested in. For my sample topic, my user is an amputee who has had a hemipelvectomy. I can do a keyword search in NUsearch for information about my topic.

search in NUsearch for "hemipelvectomy"

2. When I click on the magnifying glass, my search results are displayed. Note that I have roughly 1,500 results in many different formats.

NUsearch search results for "hemipelvectomy"

3. To narrow to just peer-reviewed journal articles, I can click on the Peer-reviewed Journals filter on the left-hand side of the screen.

NUsearch search results with Peer reviewed journals filter highlighted

4. Once I activate this filter, I have fewer resources. Note that only articles are displayed now.

NUsearch search results with peer-reviewed journals filter activated