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Zotero Support

Archiving a web page

The Zotero Connector allows you to save "snapshots" of web pages for later reference. To do this follow these steps:

Zotero allows you to save both bibliographic information and a “snapshot” of a web page at a specific time. To save a web page snapshot and create a Zotero record, navigate to the page you would like to save and right click (ctrl + click for Mac users). A menu will appear with the Zotero connector at the bottom. Select the Zotero connector and then select Save to Zotero—Save to Zotero (Web Page with Snapshot):

screenshot of website with open menu. Zotero Connector, then Save to Zotero, then Save to Zotero (Web Page With Snapshot) have been selected

In your Zotero library you will now see a bibliographic record for the web page and an attached file containing the snapshot of the web page:

screenshot of Zotero library with record from the website in it

You will need to fill in more of the bibliographic information as Zotero will only populate the title, item type, URL, Accessed, Date Added, and Modified fields. Below the added fields have been highlighted:

screenshot of Zotero library with additional information about the new record added