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Zotero Support

Configuring Zotero to Access Full-Text Articles through Northwestern’s OpenURL Resolver

  1. In the toolbar of your Zotero library select Edit--Preferences
    screenshot of Zotero library with Edit menu open and Preferences selected
  2. When the Zotero Preferences window opens select Advanced from the toolbar
    screenshot of Preferences window in Zotero library with Advanced selected in toolbar
  3. At the bottom of the Advanced tab enter the following URL in the box labeled Resolver: and the select the OK button
    screenshot of Advanced tab in Zotero Preferences window with entered in Resolver section 
  4. The configuration described above will allow you to search the Northwestern libraries online collections to see if there is access to a specific article. Select an article in your Zotero library and click on the green arrow to the right of the Zotero search box:
    screenshot of Zotero library with a reference selected and the green arrow in the upper right hand corner highlighted
  5. Select Library Lookup from the menu:
    screenshot of Zotero library with the menu under the green arrow open and Library Lookup highlighted
  6. A new web browser window will open with a library serach for online access to the article. In the example below the fill text is available:
    screenshot of the selected reference open in the library catalog; full text access is available for this example