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Plotter (Poster Printer) Guide

A step-by-step guide to wide-format printing at the Main and Mudd Library.

Library Staff Plotter Use

This guide is for staff of Northwestern University Libraries to print using the Plotter printer for work-related purposes only.

Please contact Anne Marie Sticksel,, with any questions.

Find & Add Printer

Submit a ticket to Library IT to get the plotter queue added on your workstation by emailing

Troubleshooting & Known Issues

If the printed size is wrong, check the scaling options (did they select "scale to fit page" in the software's printing setup window?) In the Plotter settings, make sure the paper size is set to "1 to 1" instead of "fit to media width" or "maximally scale to media."

If the page is missing elements, it could be a flattening issue or an issue with processing certain parts of the document (such as gradients).
If the image started out as a PowerPoint, save it as a PDF.
If the image is a PDF, try "print as image." To do this, click on "Advanced" next to the printer name, and check the "print as image" box

When someone sends a job to the Plotter, releases it (pays) and it does not come out of the printer:
Save the file as a PDF (it probably already is a PDF)
Right click the file and choose "Open With..."
Choose "Adobe Photoshop CC" as the program. You may need to browse for the program.

>>You can also open Photoshop, click "Open..." and choose the PDF.

Set up the job following the directions in the Photoshop tab and print!

If the printer jams, follow the directions on the panel screen to remove it.

The job that jammed should start printing again. If it doesn't, reprint it for the person.

If the paper runs out of toner or paper while printing, follow the directions on the panel to change it. Even when there is just 1 pearl of toner left, it should continue printing until all of the pearls are gone. If paper runs out or a job stops because of low toner, the job that was printing should print again.

If there is an error on the panel, follow the directions or restart the plotter. If the error continues, put an out-of-order sign on the printer and submit a helpdesk ticket.

Plotter Documents