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Plotter (Poster Printer) Guide

A step-by-step guide to wide-format printing at the Main and Mudd Library.

Library Plotters

Disclaimer: Please add funds to your printing account before beginning the printing process. Currently, funds do not appear in your printing account immediately, please plan accordingly. Add funds using the GET app.

We recommend using a PC to print, and printing with PowerPoint (PPT files) or Adobe Reader (PDF). We recommend PhotoShop for images and advanced scaling and positioning options. We also recommend using a PC in the library with a networked Internet connection (vs. a laptop on wireless).

For a guide on setting up your document for printing, select the program you are using from the tabs above. If your program is not available, please see the Information Commons Staff (University Library) or Mudd staff (Mudd Library) for assistance.


For large-sized prints, maps, posters, signs, banners and reproductions.

Printer name: find this printer from the printer options on library public PCs:



Printing Help

If you need help with our NUPrint system or have questions about paying for printing, please visit the NUPrint Guide: