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Working with Digital Media

Tips for working with audio and video, including how to use editing software and hardware available in the library.

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iDVD Workspace

iDVD workspace with labels

Make your movie load to the menu

Add a frame to a movie


You can change the play movie button from text to a framed movie loop in just two steps.

First click the text of your movie button in the iDVD menu.

Then go to the Buttons menu and choose one of the last four options in the dropdown menu. Click any of the preview images in the panel to make your selection.

The iDVD button menu

The movie will be updated instantly with the choice you have made in the buttons menu. You can click through the choices in the menu until you find the style that you want for the menu.

The DVD menu's appearance with a rectangle frame for the "Play movie" button:

Adding a fram to a movie in an iDVD menu