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Working with Digital Media

Tips for working with audio and video, including how to use editing software and hardware available in the library.

iMovie '09 Workspace

iMovie '09 Workspace: Project, Viewer and Event panels


The iMovie '09 workspace is divided into three panes: the Project pane, the Viewer, and the Event pane.

The Event Library, found on the left side of the Event pane, is where iMovie organizes all imported and captured video. Events cannot be edited in iMovie. Rather, you edit videos by adding videos from the Event Library to projects in the Project pane.

Event and Project footage can be previewed in the Viewer by hovering the playhead (the vertical red line connected to your cursor) and pressing the spacebar on your keyboard to start and stop playback.

Video Capture

Importing video files from your computer


iMovie import movies from the File menu


Capturing video from a camera or DVD/VHS player


Press the "Open Camera Window" button to capture video from a camera or a DVD/VHS connected to through the firewire converter box:

iMovie '09 Capture button



Check your connections and make sure all the devices are powered on if you click the capture button and get the No Camera Connected warning:

No Camera Connected window


iMovie Capture window


iMovie Capture window - create event

Basic Editing

Add a chapter marker

Exporting to iDVD

Menu, Share to iDVD