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Water Transportation

ENG 385

This page represents resources that may be of interest for ENG 385: Oceanic Studies: Literature, Environment, History. Please contact the Transportation Library with questions about these or other resources.

Books of Interest

Annual Reports

The Transportation Library’s collection of annual reports documents the financial and operational history of transportation companies around the world from the 1820s to the present. Originally compiled for the companies’ investors, the reports contain a wealth of primary source information for researchers in the history of transportation as well as those researching transportation in the current day. Industries represented include pipeline, infrastructure, trucking, automobile, and bus companies, railroads, transit corporations, cruise ships, airlines, and federal agencies, with a particular strength in 19th century U.S. railroads.

The collection is international in scope and includes reports from such companies as Cunard Steamship Company, Standard Fruit and Steamship Company, and Hapag-Lloyd, among many others.

To search for a specific company, enter that company's name, together with "annual report" into the search box in the library's catalog. For example: White Star Line "Annual Report"



Maritime Dictionaries and Glossaries

Search the Transportation Library's catalog for additional dictionaries and glossaries, using search terms including combinations of the following:

  • Dictionary
  • Glossary
  • Ship
  • Shipping
  • Maritime

S.S. Chicanoa and S.S. Camito

Ttwo volumes of photographs of “banana boats”, a colloquial term for steamships that carried passengers from England to the Caribbean and returned with bananas for the British market. The TSS Camito was built for the Fyffes Line in 1956 by Alexander Stephens and Sons, of Glasgow, Scotland, and was scrapped in Taiwan in 1973. It operated between Southampton, England and various ports in the Caribbean. The SS Chicanoa was a banana boat liner built for Elders and Fyffes in 1958 by Alexander Stephens and Sons, of Glasgow, Scotland. It operated between Liverpool, England and the Port of Tiko, French Cameroons, now in the Republic of Cameroon. Due to its small size and inefficient steam turbines the Chicanoa was scrapped after 13 years.

Please contact the Transportation Library to view the albums.

Maritime Labor

Search for "National Maritime Union of America" to find books, manuals, and reports related to the NMU and maritime labor. A few selected titles are shown in this section.


Panama Canal

The Transportation Library holds a number of books, periodicals, annual reports, and other documents related to the construction and operation of the Panama Canal. Search for Panama Canal as a subject term, and, if desired, set date limits (pre-1915, for example, for works produced before and during the canal's construction), to find these resources. A few selected titles are shown in this section.


Annual Reports of the Panama Canal Authority and Related Organizations. 1877-1999 (not inclusive). Transportation Library Collections HE537 .P187 / Annual Reports P187.5.