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Water Transportation

Inland Water Pamphlets

About this Guide

This guide represents a selection of resources available through Northwestern University's Transportation Library. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but a starting point in helping to guide your research. Please contact a librarian for additional assistance or inquiries about collections, items, or subjects.


Panama Canal

The Transportation Library holds a number of books, periodicals, annual reports, and other documents related to the construction and operation of the Panama Canal. Search for Panama Canal as a subject term, and, if desired, set date limits (pre-1915, for example, for works produced before and during the canal's construction), to find these resources.

Additionally, please contact a reference librarian for additional archival resources on this topic.

Digital and Archival Collections

Annual Reports

The Transportation Library’s collection of annual reports documents the financial and operational history of transportation companies around the world from the 1820s to the present. Originally compiled for the companies’ investors, the reports contain a wealth of primary source information for researchers in the history of transportation as well as those researching transportation in the current day. Industries represented include pipeline, infrastructure, trucking, automobile, and bus companies, railroads, transit corporations, cruise ships, airlines, and federal agencies, with a particular strength in 19th century U.S. railroads.

The collection is international in scope and includes reports from such airlines as American Airlines, East African Airways, and Alitalia, among many others.

To search for a specific company, enter that company's name, together with "annual report" into the search box in the library's catalog. For example: American Airlines "Annual Report"