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Augmented Curiosities: Virtual Play in African Pasts and Futures

A virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experience in the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies


Graduate Student Curator: Craig Stevens

In collaboration with

Herskovits Library of African Studies: Esmeralda Kale, Curator; Dr. Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Crystal L. Martin


Media & Technology Innovation: Zoran Ilic, Vincent LaGrassa, Rodolfo Vieira, Ken Panko, Kat Caribeaux, Jackson Grischeau, Trevor Musolf

Northwestern University Experts: Prof. Chris Abani (Board of Governors Professor),  Prof. Antawan Byrd, Natalia Molebatsi

Dr. Bright Gyamfi (NU Presidential Fellow / U.C. San Diego)

And from Northwestern University Libraries

Facilities: James Abbott

Conservation: Susan Russick, Laura Berenger, Julie Calcagno, Roger Shaw Williams

IT Infrastructure:  Bob Trauttvetter, Jim Hobbs, Marek Babala

Instructional Technology: Ted Quiballo, Colin Brennan, Hector Ontiveros Morales, Deniz Gorur, Patrick Vermillion