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HCA 498: Capstone

How to Use This Guide

This guide has been designed for students in NU's School of Professional Studies Capstone course in the Healthcare Administration program

  • This guide is organized by topic. Use the navigation menu to jump to other sections of the guide. 
  • How the tools are organized: Each of the five topic sections has the same layout: NUsearch (library search engine); e-books; relevant journals; and databases (books, journals, more). The Citation Help section shows you how to cite the sources you've used in your writing.
  • How to access these items: Click the item's link and type in your NetID and password when prompted.

Search Tips

  • How to search: you can use any or all the tools listed above (NUsearch, e-books, journals, databases); there is no one "right" way to search -- use the tools that you prefer. 
  • Search Tips:
    • Using NUsearch, the library search engine, is the broadest way to search: it searches all of the library holdings (paper and electronic) and all formats (peer-reviewed journals, magazines, newspapers, e-books, and more).
    • If you prefer a more targeted search with fewer results, select a stand-alone resource in this guide such as a specific database (e.g. Academic Search Complete), an e-book, or a journal. 
    • Using the search function: All these tools have a search box at the top of their main page. To search, use natural language as you would in doing a Google or Bing search. You can search with keywords or by title, author/creator, or subject. 
    • Get better results: put search phrases within quotation marks (e.g. "healthcare administration" AND "human resources").
    • What keywords to use: find keywords in your syllabus or course materials. View the two-minute video below, "Choosing Keywords" for additional tips.
  • Need Help? Email librarian Tracy Coyne or contact the NU Library's general email inbox.

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The tools in this guide should provide ample resources for your work. Here are some related subject guides that you may find of interest:

Error messages

Fix error messages
If you receive an error message (e.g. "forbidden," "bad request," etc.) when logging into NU databases, try clearing your browser cache and cookies and then refreshing your page. Click the Fix Error Messages link to find quick steps for all browser types.

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