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Zotero Support: Syncing Zotero

Syncing Zotero libraries for access anywhere

Users of Zotero version 2.0 and higher can sync (synchronize) their Zotero libraries and attached files with the Zotero server. This will place a copy of your Zotero library on the Zotero server and enable you to access your Zotero library anywhere you have access to the Internet and the Firefox browser. After downloading Zotero 2.0 follow the steps below to sync your Zotero library:

1. Register and create a Zotero account here:

2. Go to the tools button on the Zotero toolbar and select preferences:



3. Once the preferences window has opened, select the Sync tab:
4. Enter the user name and password you have created for Zotero. If you wish Zotero to automatically update your library on the Zotero server every time you make changes to it leave the Sync automatically box checked.