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Plotter (Poster Printer) Guide: Mac - PDF

A step-by-step guide to wide-format printing at the Main and Mudd Library.

Adobe PDF

This page focuses on printing files with Adobe Reader. We recommend using this method as you can easily save PowerPoint slides, web pages, text documents, and photographs as PDF files without losing your original formatting!


Step 1 : Getting Started

Note: You can first check the actual size of your document by choosing "File > Properties."

  1. Select "File > Print"
  2. In "page size & handling" choose "FIT"
  3. For Printer, choose "PLOTTER-IC-MAC" or "PLOTTER-MUDD-MAC"
  4. Click "Page setup..."

Step 2 : Printer Properties

Step 2 : Paper Size!

Note: In this step, you are telling the printer the dimensions of your paper. You will need to adjust your file in the software so it can fit the paper, either by manually entering dimensions that reflect your desired size, or by automatically by scaling to fit paper.

  1. In "Format for:" make sure PLOTTER-IC-MAC or PLOTTER-MUDD-MAC is selected.
  2. In "Paper Size:" select "Manage Custom Sizes"
  3. Click the "+" to add a new size.
  4. Double click "Untitled" to name the paper size.
    1. NOTE: We recommend naming the paper size after its size.2
  5. Enter the poster size (inches) width and height.
  6. Click OK
  7. In "Paper Size:" make sure the custom size is selected.
  8. Click "OK"
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Step 3 : Print Preview

Step 3 : Print Preview!

  1. In the Adobe Reader preview window, verify that the file is scaled to the custom size.
  2. If it looks OK, click "Print"
  3. Release your print job from the print release station located next to the Plotter.
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Want to print a poster? Come try our Plotter! This plotter is located in the Information Commons, just down the steps from the main entrance. - see map (below)


We also have a Plotter in the Mudd Library (2nd floor, Mudd Hall) on the north end of Northwestern's Evanston campus.

Size & Cost

Paper: 28lb bond paper only
Minimum 3mm margins
24", 36", and 42" paper available.

At least one edge of print must be less than or equal to maximum available roll size.
Other edge can be any size, min. 10" max. 150"

Please see staff for information, including assistance with setting up your file to print on the Plotter!

Plotter printing costs $2.50 per square foot.
Payment is made through NUPrint. We cannot accept a chartstring for printing.

Calculate Printing Cost

Length (in) ="
Width (in) ="
Cost: $

Need Help?

Please see the Information Commons desk for questions or assistance with the Plotter in the Main library.

See the Tech Lab Consultant for assistance at the Tech Atrium (Technical Institute, MG45)

Email with any questions!