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Music Research: Music Special Collections

This research guide helps you to navigate various in-print and online music resources for your upcoming performances, papers and projects.

Accessing Music Rare Materials

It's easy to gain access to Music Special Collections. With just a few simple steps, you could examine the John Cage manuscripts, scores with Fritz Reiner's conductor markings and much more. 

Steps to Access Music Special Collections

1. Explore the Manuscript and Archive Collections and/or the General Manuscript Collection (call number range 'MSS'). 

2. If you're interested in a manuscript or archive collection, take note of the collection name, box and folder numbers. 

3. If you're interested in an item(s) from the General Manuscript Collection, take note of the call number. 

4. Email us at to set up an appointment to view the materials (usually) within one to two business days. 

5. Have questions about the materials, or a specific collection, email Greg MacAyeal (Curator, Music Library).

Curator, Music Library

Greg MacAyeal's picture
Greg MacAyeal
Music Library
Deering, 2nd floor