Consumer Behavior, Demographics and Lifestyles: Getting Started

Resources in consumer behavior, demographics and lifestyles for the Northwestern University community.

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Linked on the right are select databases that contain in-depth research reports on various aspects of marketing products and services. 

Getting Started


Euromonitor's Passport offers research reports on a variety of consumer products and services. Tip:  Key resource for international consumer behavior research.

This database offers research on emerging technologies for both consumer and business to business settings.  Coverage is international. Tip: Key resource for emerging technologies, new media research.
This database contains both consumer and business to business market research reports.  Consumer goods, heavy industry, and life sciences a few of the areas covered. Tip: Key resource for business to business marketing research.

Consumer market research reports for covering U.S., Europe and some Asian countries.   Tip: Key resource for consumer marketing research. Click on subscription topic areas on left side of screen to see full extent of research reports.  Click on the Lifestyles topic area to view research reports on consumer behavior and attitudes.  Access restricted to current Northwestern University faculty, students and staff.

Subject Specialist

Carol Doyle

Northwestern University

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