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Mendeley Support: What is Mendeley?

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a reference management tool that can be used to manage citations to articles, books, government documents, book chapters, or websites. You can insert citations to articles that you find using multiple library databases.  From the Mendeley program, you can then easily insert these references into Word documents.  You can also use the web-based version to manage your research network of collaborators.  Lastly, Mendeley can be accessed through Apple Store and Android apps.

You can make a Mendeley account (provide an email address and password) to access the same library using multiple devices.

Download Mendeley

You can download Mendeley by clicking on any of the versions on this page.  From here, you can download:

  • the Windows version
  • the Mac version
  • the Linux version
  • the Android version (from Google Play)
  • the iOS version (from the App Store)

For assistance with Mendeley, please email the Mendeley support team.


Other Citation Managers

If you're interested in using other citation managers in addition to or instead of Mendeley, take a look at our guides on Zotero and EndNote.