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HISTORY_200-0-20: Sickness and Health (Ramirez)

Professor Paul Ramírez

Possible topic

Prostitution as a social and public health matter, e.g. how has sex work been framed as an urban ill?

Recommended Sources

Other Library Sources

Suggested keywords for advanced search in NUSearch and/or the journal databases (HAPI - limit search to English sources, JSTOR, Embase, or others):

sex work Latin Americans public health
prostitution (specific countries) contraceptive use
sex tourism female or male sex workers sexual health
slang from specific countries, e.g., "jineteras" (Cuba) transsexuals women's health/women's rights
sex trade LGBT sex work reproductive health/health care
    sex education

To find sources on policy interventions, use these keywords in NU Search with the keyword, "interventions."

Other helpful reference sources for this topic are: