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HISTORY_200-0-20: Sickness and Health (Ramirez)

Professor Paul Ramírez

Final Research Paper Guidelines

For this research paper, you need at least six secondary sources. For this assignment, your sources should be limited to scholarly literature.

Required sources/Scholarly literature Useful to gain better sense of issues/find scholarly sources
Peer-edited journal articles News articles (online or in print)
Books published by an academic press Magazine articles
Book chapters from edited volumes Bulletins produced by international agencies or organizations (WHO, UNAIDS, etc.)
Theses/dissertations  Encyclopedia articles

An ideal selection of secondary sources will include a mix of articles, books, chapters from edited volumes, dissertations, or theses.

In addition to these guidelines, in your essay you also should:

A.) assess the relevance of various fields of knowledge and;

B.) propose a policy on the basis of your research to a specific public health body (e.g., Pan American Health Organization, Organization of American States, World Health Organization).

Finding Books

History Databases for Scholarly Journal Articles