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Finding Social Sciences Data

Key Resources

NUL's Subscription Data Resources
Other Data Repositories and Search Portals

Strategies for Finding Data

If searching and browsing for data is starting to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, try one of these more targeted strategies. 

Brainstorm Likely Data Sources

Ask yourself a few questions about where you might expect to find the data you are seeking, and whether it is likely to be available to you for research:

  • What group or organization may have been involved in collecting or producing the data?
  • Why would they have needed the data?
  • How would they have collected it?
  • Are they likely to have published or shared it (e.g., due to business incentives or regulatory requirements)?
Turn to the Literature

Review published research on your topic to see what datasets others have used. You may be able to use the same data, or it may point you towards analogous datasets or other entities that may have produced relevant data.

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