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Hathi Trust Research Center (HTRC)

The Hahti Trust Research Center (HTRC) allows you to do a variety of computational analysis over the Hathi corpus. To do this analysis you first need to export metadata from a Hathi library collection and then upload this metadata as a workset to Hathi and run one of the algorithms that HTRC supplies.

There are several methods to creating a workset in the HTRC. This uses the Upload File method.

Export collection metadata

  1. In the Hathi Digital library, log in and select My Collections:
  2. Click on the title of the collection you would like to run an analysis on:
  3. On the left side of the collection screen under Download Metadata please make sure that Tab-Delimited Text (TSV) is selected and the click on the Download button:
  4. Once you have downloaded the file please save it to some easy to find location on your computer (e.g. the desktop).

Upload the collection metadata to a workset

  1. Log in to Hathi Trust Analytics at If this is your first time using Hathi Trust analytics click on Sign up to create a Hathi Trust Analytics account:
  2. Once logged in click on the Worksets link at the top of the page:
  3. Next, click on the Create a workset button:

  4. Click on the Upload file button:
  5. Here you will name your new workset, provide a brief description, and decide whether you want this workset to be available to anyone or if you want it to be private. The click on the browse button to go to the location of the collection metadata file that you have saved from the Hathi Digital Library:
  6. Select the metadata file and click on the Open button:
  7. Next, click on the Create Workset button:
  8. You will now see your workset in the list of worksets:

Doing the analysis

Hathi has a number of pre-built algorithms that allow you to quick run analysis on worksets you have created. Follow the steps below to get started using the algorithms:

  1. After logging into Hathi Analytics click on Algorithms:
  2. Select one of the pre-built algorithms to run by clicking on the Execute button:
  3. Each algorithm includes a description and instructions for using it:
  4. Fill in the required information, select the appropriate workset and click on the Submit button:
  5. You will not see your job listed with a status of running:
  6. Once the job has completed you will be able to see the output of the analysis in your web browser:


If you have questions about Hathi Trust please contact: