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Search tips

Hathi provides several options for searching the digital library. Both the basic and advanced searches allow for a full text and a catalog search.

Full text search

The full text search allows you to execute a keyword search across works in the Hathi Trust. If Full view only is checked then you will only be searching the volumes avialble in the public domain:

If Full view only is unchecked then you will be searching across the entire Hathi database.

Catalog search

The catalog search allows you to search standard bibliographic fields such as title, author, publication date, subject, etc. This more focused method of searching is a particularly useful method when you know the name of a work, a subject, or even the author of a work.

Truncation and Wildcards

An * or a '?' can both be used as truncation symbols. Use '*' to stand for more than one character and use '?' to stand for one character. For instance:

  • theat* will find theater, theatre, theatrical, theatrically, etc.
  • wom?n will find women, woman



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