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Social Media Tools

social media tools

Social Monitoring Systems

  • Google Trends
    A great tool to compare different search terms, different competitors or different topics. It allows you to vary the time examined, categories, or specific terms.  It’s graphics are very useful for your presentations.
  • Boardreader
    An excellent tool with advanced search and great graphics options.  Be sure to look under the graph icon to find how to compare markets.

    A relatively new site with remarkable analytics capabilities.  Be sure to go to the advanced mode to see how the search terms are connected! 

  • Social Mention
    Example of a comprehensive social monitoring system. It is useful to anyone who wants to identify key sources, search terms, and locations where people are discussing any topic.

  • Social Searcher
    A great tool to get word clouds and in depth analysis of key topics or companies you want to track.  Click on the free analysis tab to get deeper into each topic you are searching. 

  • Klout
    A very useful tool providing multiple services for journalists.  First, you can use it to track your progress as you connect with key markets using Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites.  Second, its explore feature lets you quickly find important influencers on any topic.  Finally, when you search for key topics, Klout will give you recent articles by key influencers.  It is a great way to get connected with the influencers at the center of any conversation.
  • Followerwonk
    Includes a feature called Search Bios.  Using it in its free mode, you can enter any topic and it will search all of twitter and return to you the key influencers who are active today.  It not only tells you who they are but the size of their follower base on multiple sites as scores the strength of their influence to compare influencers. 

  • Alltop
    All top stands for all topics. Want to find the most current articles on any topic? Alltop can show you what is being published now.  Great for finding sources.
  • BuzzSumo
    A great tool to find content on any subject,  It not only finds you content but shows you the strength of the influencer in terms of followers for many different sites. 

  • Twubs
    A site where you can register hash tags.  Want to have a discussion on a topic, if you have a hash tag, you can monitor the discussion on Twitter and better follow communities. 

  • Bitly
    A free linkage system which allows you to track your social engagements.  This is vital for your discovering the strategies which best connect with your high value target markets.  It is essential to the test and pivot strategies of Lean Start-up.

  • HootSuite
    A scheduling tool allowing you to distribute content 24x7.  While they have a paid version, the free one works for most application.

  • SocialOomph
    Gives you much of the same capabilities as HootSuite but is truly a free scheduling tool.

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