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English 385 / GSS 361 Writing Mens' Lives : Grossman

Current Newspapers

Typically 1990s to present

Historic Newspapers

Prior to the 1990s

Search Tips

Search results in a newspaper or magazine database are listed in order by "Relevance" but you can change that.  For your research in this class, using the option to look at OLDEST FIRST may save you a lot of time!  Different databases will position this differently, but start looking for the option in the left-hand menu of filter options.


I'm noticing alot of column-filler snippets about Pillow Talk that come up in my searches in newspaper databases.  To find more substantial articles, particularly film reviews, you may find it helpful to limit your results using the DOCUMENT TYPE filter (available in most databases).  In the screenshot below notice that the initial list provided on the left-hand side of the results display doesn't include REVIEW but when you click on MORE you will see the option.

database screenshot showing document type limit option and expanded list of options