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Using AI Tools in Your Research

A continually-updated guide on using AI tools like ChatGPT in your research

Using Machine Learning Tools for Finding Research

These tools can help you discover new sources either similar to one you've already found or those relevant to your question or topic. They have slightly different features so we encourage you to experiment with them and see what you can find. Except for Science Direct, these are free sources, and are always not very clear about the sources of the scholarship in their applications, and generally have access to less full-text sources than what we have available through the library website. Note also that these tools may lead you to a narrow or more constrained view of your topic - be sure you are being creative in your search strategies and keywords to find all the research applicable to you.

In the future

Machine learning and AI are being integrated into beta tools offered by many academic publishers, including Scopus, ProQuest, and OCLC's WorldCat. We do not have the tools listed below at this time. More information will be added here as we find it.