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Databank: How to @ NU: OCLC Library Symbols

OCLC Symbols for Peers & Aspirational Peers

Type of Library OCLC Symbol Institution
Architecture AS# Brown
Medical GO$ Brown
Main RBN Brown
Latin American RQO Columbia
Teacher/Education VVT Columbia
East Asian ZCA Columbia
Health ZCH Columbia
Law ZCL Columbia
Main ZCU Columbia
Main AXO Cornell
? Many satellites COO Cornell
Main DRB Dartmouth
Business NDB Duke
Main NDD Duke
Medical NDK Duke
Law NDL Duke
Main DGU Georgetown
Medical GTU Georgetown
Law GUL Georgetown
Divinity BHA Harvard
Botany BOH Harvard
Science CLS Harvard
Art/Design FLL Harvard
Business HBS Harvard
Hellenic Studies HCH Harvard
Fine Arts HFL Harvard
Theatre,Arts HHG Harvard
? HLS Harvard
Education HMG Harvard
Main HMM Harvard
Medical HMS Harvard
Music HMU Harvard
E. Asian HMY Harvard
Zoology HMZ Harvard
Archives HRA Harvard
Renaissance HTV Harvard
Main HUL Harvard
Law HVL Harvard
Government KSG Harvard
Science? LH$ Harvard
Main MCS Harvard
Art MHUAM Harvard
Women's History SLR Harvard
IT SYS Harvard
Anthropology TOZ Harvard
E. Asian YNH Harvard
satellite campus J5M Johns Hopkins
Science JHA Johns Hopkins
Main JHE Johns Hopkins
Medical JHW Johns Hopkins
not sure SBMYG MIT
Main INU Northwestern
Transportation JCR Northwestern
Law INL Northwestern
Medical INM Northwestern
Medical FSINU Northwestern
Qatar INUQR Northwestern
United JET Northwestern
Main PUL Princeton
E. Asian PULEA Princeton
Medical CASUM Stanford
Law RCJ Stanford
Business S7Z Stanford
Main STF Stanford
Main? STFGB Stanford
Law BOL University of California, Berkeley
Inst of Transportation CBT University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CUY University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley SCP CUYER University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley BL CUYGB University of California, Berkeley
Bancroft Libr, ARL RQE University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, LIBR UC4 University of California, Berkeley
Main CGU University of Chicago
Law KEH University of Chicago
COD University of Colorado at Boulder
Medical IF8    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Agriculture RQF University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Latin American RQR University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Main UIU University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Judiac Studies DRP University of Pennsylvania
Medical PAM University of Pennsylvania
Law PLL University of Pennsylvania
Main PAU University of Pennsylvania
Space Science (Schwerdtfeger) GBS Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Robinson Map Library GHQ Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
 Merit (media, ed & IT) GZI Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Law GZL Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Gen Libr Sys GZM Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Libr Sch WID Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Steenbock (agriculture & life sciences) WIX Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Ctr for Cooperatives Libr (coop business models, finance, mgmt) WOU Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Libr Sch WRK Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Wendt Commo (engineering) WUE Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison
Eng? And Policy EPU Washington University, St. Louis
Medical WUM Washington University, St. Louis
Law WUL Washington University, St. Louis
Main WTU Washington University, St. Louis
Main? EBO Yale
Anthroplogy GXK Yale
Art/Architecture GXL Yale
Chemistry GXN Yale
Engineering GXO Yale
Forestry GXP Yale
Science GXQ Yale
Law GXR Yale
Mathematics GXS Yale
Ornithology GXU Yale
Statistics GXV Yale
Latin American RQP Yale
Gov Docs/storage YRT Yale
Medical YUM Yale
Main  YUS Yale
Main? YUSGB Yale
Music YUU Yale