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Databank: How to @ NU: Expenditures per Students

Expenditures per Students: Peer Comparisons

These data are gathered in support of the NUL Dean of the Libraries' annual collections budget proposal and assessments.

Step One - The Institutions

Below are the institutions included in this comparison.

  1. Chicago, University of
  2. Columbia
  3. Cornell
  4. Duke
  5. Johns Hopkins
  6. MIT
  7. Northwestern
  8. Yale

Step Two - Data Gathering

  1. Go to ARL Statistics.
  2. Login.
  3. Go to ANALYTICS.
  5. Variables = "Total Library Expenditures" and "Total Fulltime Students"
  6. Choose the libraries above.

Step Three - Calculate & Report

  1. Go to L: drive Budget Projections and the folder for the current projection year.
  2. Use the latest version of Excel file "ARL stats ExpendPerStudent to 20xx."
  3. Copy/paste and calculate to create chart and graph based on the latest data.