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Law Enforcement

School of Police Staff and Command

IACPnet: The Basics

e-Libraries: Main: search publications, general documents, and more

e-Libraries: Policies: find policies from other departments around the country

e-Libraries: Forms: find forms used by other departments.

e-Libraries: Statistics: reports related to personnel, operations, equipment, and community policing

Publications: search or browse full-text issues of several relevant journals related to policing and local government.



Searching eLibraries: Main

The Main e-Library contains over 70,000 solutions and best practices that have been vetted by IACP's team of professional researchers.


The Main e-Library Basic Search allows for simple keyword searching. For example, try searching for diversity and recruitment.

You'll see that this search returns the maximum number of results: 1,000. That's a lot to browse through!


If you're getting too many results, try narrowing your search using the Click to Narrow Search option, which allows you to specify a number of additional options.

The most useful among these are "Date Posted," which allows you to narrow your search by date range, and "Category," which lets you select only Publications and General documents, for example, and exclude items like ordinances and Quests. 

This time, our results are a little bit more manageable: 588 records found. 


Searching Publications

The Publications tab allows you to browse or search full-text issues of the following periodicals.

  • AELE Monthly Law Journal
  • American City and County
  • FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
  • Forensic Magazine
  • Governing
  • Sheriff
  • The Police Chief


Under Search, enter your keywords, as well as a date range (optional). You also have the option to select a periodical to search, or leave that drop-down menu on All Periodicals to search all.

Unless you have a particular periodical in mind, we recommend leaving that as is.

Click Submit to see full-text articles for your search.


Click on Publications, then Periodicals. Select View Issues to browse, or Search to search for specific terms.

Under View Issues, select a periodical, then choose the appropriate button to view current or past issues.

In this case, we selected the most current issue. The cover will be displayed, as well as all articles in the selected issue.