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Chinese Studies

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Chinese reference books purchased in 2008, including dictionaries,encyclopedias, bibliographies and indexes, cover varies subjects

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Chinese Reference Books in Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • Encyclopedia of Modern China  
    The Encyclopedia of Modern China provides critical information on the most populous country and most dynamic trade market in the world: the people, politics, economics, religion, philosophy, traditions, art, and literature of this ancient and enduring civilization are explored from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day.
  • Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty : Business Documents  
    Covers various business documents including trademarks, business firm seals, contracts, bills, stamps, etc. from the mid-19th century through 1911. Provides descriptions, names of business firms and registration dates.
  • Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty : Manchurian Railway  
    Records the early stage of the Manchurian Railway (1906-1911), covering its operations along the railway and in its accessory lands. Provides resources for studying the history of Japan’s invasion of China dating from the late Qing Dynasty.
  • Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty : Old Manchu Capital  
    Contains numerous photographs and paintings of the organizational system of the Liaoning area, its war relics, religious temples, culture, and education during the Qing Dynasty.
  • Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty : Rivers and Sites  
    Includes two major categories of maps: river maps and maps of historical sites. Depicts the rivers and areas along the banks while at the same time tracing the shapes of city walls, places of historical interest, and beauty spots along the rivers.
  • Shanghai City Guide  
    Provides information on all aspects of economic and social activity in the city. Describes in detail the city’s geographical location, its commercial development, its investment environment, its coherent yet diverse society of immigrants, and its culture.
  • Shanghai Education  
    Presents an overview of the history and the future of education in Shanghai. Also discusses the successful implementation of the nine-year compulsory education system, the increasing enrollment in higher education, and the fast-growing enrollment in vocational education.
  • Shanghai Expo  
    Reviews the history of the World Expo and analyzes China’s connection with it. Introduces Shanghai as an international metropolis and reveals the secret of Shanghai’s successful bid to host the 2010 World Expo. Looks ahead to the 2010 World Expo and covers the ongoing preparations and plans.
  • Shanghai Finance  
    Presents an account of the current status of Shanghai’s finance industry, covering such areas as banking, securities, futures, insurance, interbank lending and borrowing, bonds, foreign exchange, the stock exchange, and gold.
  • Shanghai Industries  
    Reviews the evolution of various industries in Shanghai over the past century and elaborates on their current status. Also looks ahead to the future and examines the numerous opportunities for local and international investors.
  • Shanghai Pudong  
    Examines the past, present and future of Pudong’s economy, urban development, culture, healthcare and education. Also charts the economic achievements of Pudong over the past decade.
  • Shanghai Urban Planning  
    Presents basic information on Shanghai as a city and highlights some key, influential projects of urban development under-taken since the 1970s. Examines in detail the 2001 Master City Plan of Shanghai. Also introduces Shanghai’s urban planning administration systems as well as the examination and approval procedures.

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