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SLAVIC 105-6: Free to Rock: Communism Brought Down by Rock 'n' Roll (Kosmala): Finding Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Articles

The databases listed here will help you discover scholarly, analytical journal articles, and other sources within a range of subject disciplines including Slavic studies, music, politics, sociology, history and other areas.

NUsearch, listed under the Finding Books tab, is also a place to start for discovering articles and other sources.

Finding the article's full text
Some article databases provide full text while most only provide references to articles. Look out for the purple "Find it @ NU" button find it at NU button among your database search results. Click on the button to see if Northwestern provides full text access to the article via one of our electronic journal packages.

Slavic Studies (Primarily North American sources)




Multi-subject Article Databases


Film Studies Databases