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Anti-Racism Resources

About This Guide

This guide is meant to be a starting point for those interested in learning more about anti-racism and how they can combat racism and white supremacy. As Northwestern is a predominantly white institution (PWI), some resources are for white people specifically, as we thought that group would be well-served from such a guide. The resources are by no means comprehensive, and some of the links below are links to lists of further resources. We've also tried to highlight resources that are free and have indicated multiple ways to access some resources (podcast apps, library links, web links, etc.).

We have many research guides about topics related to race, such as:

Credits and Further Reading

  • Alecia Wartowski, Michele Enos, Sue Oldenburg, and the members of Northwestern Anti-Racist White Allies (NARWHAL)
  • Omari Keeles, Veronica Womack, and A Seat At the Table