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CLASSICS_390-0: Topics in Greco-Roman Civilization: Ancient Rome in Chicago (Tataranni)

Finding books

NUSearch, Northwestern University Library's search tool, can be used to find books and other library resources.   To search for books, it is best to click on the "Books, Images, & More" tab; otherwise, you are likely to be overwhelmed with articles.

Sample Searches:

Deering Library

World's Columbian Exposition

"World's Columbian Exposition" AND architecture

poetry AND "classical influences"

"Hull House" AND theat*

"Chicago Board of Trade" AND building

Architecture AND classical influences

The advance search may be useful in certain instances: for example, you may want to limit your search to subject headings or other field.    For example, searching "Chicago" in the subject field, and "architecture" anywhere, produces a much tighter search than simply entering <Chicago AND  Architecture>.

It's also possible to click on "browse search" and browse titles, authors, or subject heading strings.

Reference Librarian and Subject Specialist

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Jason Nargis
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