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Chinese Studies Research Guide  

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Databases in Chinese Print Page

Chinese Databases

  • 民国期刊库 (1911-1949)
    Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949) covers around 10,000,000 pieces of writing in over 20,000 different kinds of periodicals published between 1911 and 1949.
  • 大成老旧刊全文数据库
    "Dacheng lao jiu kan quan wen shu ju ku" is a database of scanned articles of around seven thousand Chinese journals published in China in either the late Qing Dynasty (pre-1911) or the period of the Republic of China (1911-1949). It covers subject areas in humanities, arts, social sciences, sciences, technology, medicine, agriculture, etc. Most journals may not have the complete run of issues.
  • 中国数字化期刊全文数据库 (China Online Journals) by Wanfang
    Full-text database of Chinese and English journals published in China after 1997. The journals are categorized into 8 collections: Art & humanities, Business & economics, Law & politics, Social sciences, Health/medicine/biology, Fundamental sciences, Science & technology, and Agriculture. Some journals are included in multiple collections. Access to humanities and social science data only.
  • 中国期刊全文数据库 ( China Academic Journals) by CNKI
    Full-text database of Chinese journals in the world. We have access to series of Literature/History/Philosophy, Economics/Politics/Law, Education/Social Science.
  • 中国期刊全文数据库(世纪期刊)by CNKI
    Century Journals Project selects the most important academic journals published in China and digitizes all issues since their very first issue up till 1993 in an effort to expand the China Academic Journals Full-text Database. The earliest journal dates back to 1887. 1994 to present in CAJ.
  • 台灣電子期刊服務網
    TEPS offers full text (PDF) for periodicals published in Taiwan. It covers topics in humanities, natural science, applied science, medical & life science, and social science.
  • China Data Online (Chinese and English)
    Comprehensive online database focusing on economic statistics of China, arranged by regions and categories.
  • 中国边疆史地研究资料数据库
    Database of China borderland history research is the first borderland history research database product in China. All of data come from the major libraries across the country and institutions such as border provinces’ Academy of Social Sciences. It documents the history of various types of information about the border, including scattered materials in rare books, collected works of materials and rare archives, letters, diaries, message, etc. The documentation and data indexing was completed by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Borderland History and Geography Research Institute team lead by Professor Bi Ao’nan. It is divided into 10 broad subjects, each subject consists of several sub-categories.
  • 中国新方志数据库(New China Local Gazetteers) by Wangfang
    China local gazetteers currently contains over 20,000 volumes of Chinese chorographic books, covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions. The database provides detailed geographic and historical records of provinces, prefectures, cities, and smaller district administration units. Contents cover historical as well as contemporary facts related to the geographical areas, concerning general surveys, economy, public finance, governance, public security, urban and rural development, agriculture, industry, transportation, business, natural science, social science, education, culture and sports, public health, etc.
  • 中國方志庫
    Full text and full image of the Chinese local histories through Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. Offering geographic and historical records concerning the nation, provinces, states, towns, villages, smaller district administration units, etc.
  • 内阁大库档案(Grand Secretariat Archives)
    Web site featuring government book collections from the Qing dynasty. Includes guidelines of cataloging, online database, related books, and Qing China anthology. Also includes reading methodology and related Web sites on Tibetan studies.
    This databases provides keyword (responsible official, title, matter, document number) searching and full text images of over 300,000 documents from the Qing dynasty Grand Secretariat archives held in Taiwan by the Institute of History and Philology.
  • 清代宮中檔奏摺及軍機處檔摺件
    Provides metadata searching and full image reproductions of Qing dynasty archival materials held at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. Searchable fields include the document number 文獻編號, document date 具奏日期, author 具奏人, official position 官職, topic 事由, keyword 關鍵詞, date of response 硃批日期, and response 硃批. Content from the Qianlong 乾隆 reign is still being entered.
  • 中国博士/硕士学位论文全文数据库 (China Doctor / Master's Dissertation ) by CNKI
    China Doctor/Master Dissertations Full-text Database is the most comprehensive, highest quality database of dissertations and theses in China. CDMD contains dissertations/theses from 300 doctoral training institutions across China from 1984 to present.
  • 中国学位论文数据库(Dissertations of China) by Wanfang
    A comprehensive database of Masters, Doctoral, and post-doctoral dissertations from China. The database holds full-text, or abstracts and other descriptive information of dissertations from key Chinese research institutions from 1986 onward. Access to humanities and social science data only.
  • 臺灣博碩士論文服務網
    Index of master and doctoral dissertations from Taiwan. Some dissertations available in full-text.
  • 中国学术会议论文数据库 (Academic Conferences in China) by Wanfang
    A comprehensive database of academic conferences in China. The database provides dynamic and timely information on research outputs on issues that are mostly related to China. It contains full-text papers, or abstracts and other descriptive information of papers from national and internationa conferences held in China from 1986 onward. Access to humanities and social science data only.
  • 中国法律法规数据库 (Policies and Laws of China) by Wanfang
    A comprehensive database of policies and laws of China. The database provides information on Chinese jurisdiction, legislature, and business laws. It holds records covering a comprehensive range of Chinese policies, regulations and laws of both national and regional levels from 1949 onward. Access to humanities and social science data only.
  • 中国文化大革命文库
    Contains historical materials related to the Revolution: Chinese Communist Party documents, speeches and writings by major party leaders and media commentaries. Comprises 10,000 documents in 35 million characters. Users can browse by subject categories and date. It is also searchable by author, keyword and organization.
  • 中国反右运动数据库
    Comprehensive and accurate primary sources: more than 10,000 entries, including government documents, directives, bulletins, speeches by Mao Zedong and other officials, major newspaper and magazine editorials, published “Rightist” views and their denunciations, and original archives of the Anti-Rightist Campaign
  • 中国重要报纸全文数据库 ( China Core Newspapers) by CNKI
    Full text articles from hundreds of newspapers from every province in China(2000 to present).
  • 申報
    One of the first modern Chinese newspapers, published in Shanghai from 1872 to 1949 spanning the Qing dynasty through the Republican era
  • 人民日报 (People's Daily) 1946-present
    Adobe Reader 8 with Chinese simplified font pack required to view pdfs; available for download through web site.
  • 解放军报(Jie Fang Jun Bao) 1956-2008
    The PLA Daily, which started its publication on January 1, 1956, is the authoritative media of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to release military news and comprehensive military-related information.
  • 中央日報( Central Daily News ) (1928-1949)
    Central Daily News has been the official news media for the KMT government for years, and is the oldest Chinese newspapers in the world. While published in Mainland China (1928-1949), Central Daily News provide informative reports on politics, economy, military, culture, foreign relations and the society.
  • 中央硏究院漢籍電子文獻 (Scripta Sinica)
    Scipta Sinica, in Taiwan, is the largest full-text database for the study of pre-modern China. It has detailed original texts of nearly 300 multi-volume sets containing thousands of titles in first hand sources up to 220,000,000 Chinese characters.
  • 中國基本古籍庫(To enter database select: "if your IP is authorized, please directly click", then select the database. One simultaneous user limit, please log out)
    北京爱如生数字化技术研究中心研制。收錄先秦至民國的歷代典籍10,000種,每種均據通行版本製成數碼全文,另附1-2個善本的原版影像. 數據庫共分哲科, 史地, 藝文及綜合四庫, 具檢索功能, 可進行分類, 條目, 全文檢索.
  • 中國俗文庫
    Database of Chinese Popular Literature is a specialized large-scale database of ancient books. It collects 10,000 kinds of popular literary works and popular documents and materials of successive dynasties from the Qin-Han Dynasties to the early years of the Republic of China, including novel, script for story-telling, theatrical text, story song, storytelling in southern dialects, common saying story, rare books, and treasure volume. Each work is available as searchable full-text, digitized from a reliable version, and as images from the original scan.
  • 四部丛刊09增补版 (四部丛刊,四部备要)
    An electronic version of print Si bu cong kan, including searchable full texts and scanned images of 504 works in 3,134 volumes in the four branches of Chinese knowledge traditionally classified - jing (classics), shi (history), zi (philosophy), and ji (Belles-lettres). Database also includes updated and supplementary content. Compiled and photolithographed during the years 1919 to 1936 from the best editions in Chinese history, this series represent some of the best Chinese scholarly achievement. Sibu congkan 09 zeng bu ban includes the contents of Sibu congkan and Sibu beiyao.
  • 全唐诗(one simultaneous user only, please log out when done)
    The Tang Poetry database includes complete collection of Tang dynasty poems (more than 57,000. total poems). The database provides full-text search and analysis of the poems, such as automatic punctuations, and word and phrase usage statistics. The Tang Poetry Database is designed by Data Analysis Center of Peking University and Beijing Sinogtech Technology Co. Ltd.
  • 全宋詩 (one simultaneous user only, please log out when done)
    The Song Poetry database includes complete Song dynasty poems (254,240. total poems). The database provides full-text search and analysis of the poems, such as automatic punctuations, and word and phrase usage statistics. The Song Poetry Database is designed by Data Analysis Center of Peking University and Beijing Sinogtech Technology Co. Ltd.
  • 古今圖書集成
    The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China gathers all the most important classics from ancient China to Qing Dynasty including works on astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, art, education, agriculture, medicine, and more. Contains searchable full-text and scanned images. It was originally published in print in 1726.
  • 漢達文庫 (CHANT) (select institutional access at login page).
    Created by the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, it comprises 6 full-text databases: 1. Oracular Inscriptions on Tortoise Shells and Bones; 2 . Excavated Wood/Bamboo and Silk Scripts; 3. Bronze Inscriptions; 4. the Entire Body of Extant Han and Pre-Han (pre-220 AD) Traditional Chinese Texts; 5. Traditional Chinese Texts of Wei Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties (220-589 AD); 6. the Entire Body of Extant Chinese Encyclopedias (Leishu), which is forthcoming. ( A. 甲骨文 -- B. 竹簡帛書 -- C. 金文 --D. 先秦兩漢 -- E. 魏晉南北朝 -- F. 類書.)
  • Chinamaxx Digital Libraries
    6523 titles of Chinese ebooks covering a variety of subject areas
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