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Law Enforcement: Books

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Call Numbers

If you're browsing the shelves in the Transportation Library, or in your local public library, the following call numbers will help direct you to areas of interest.

HV6001-7220.5     Criminology

HV6035-6197     Criminal anthropology Including criminal types, criminal psychology, prison psychology, causes of crime

HV6201-6249     Criminal classes

HV6250-6250.4     Victims of crimes, Victimology

HV6251-6773.55     Crimes and offenses

HV6774-7220.5     Crimes and criminal classes

HV7231-9960 Criminal justice administration

HV7431 Prevention of crime, methods, etc. 

HV7551-8280.7 Police. Detectives. Constabulary

HV7935-8025 Administration and organization

HV8031-8080 Police duty. Methods of protection

HV8073-8079.35 Investigation of crimes. Examination and identification of prisoners

HV8079.2-8079.35 Police social work

HV8079.5-8079.55 Traffic control. Traffic accident investigation

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Police Ethics

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Police Equipment and Technology

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Physical and Mental Health

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Encyclopedias - Print

Some Essential Elements of a Book

Front matter includes elements like the title page and copyright page. The copyright page for The Future of Policing is pictured here. It conains information like year of publication, copyright information, and publisher.


The Table of Contents lists broadly what you can expect to find in the book. This includes chapters and, often, subheadings. 

References can be included either at the end of a book section, or at the end of the book. In the case of The Future of Policing, you can find references following each section. These are valuable in not only do they provide information on where the author got his or her information, but they provide additional avenues of information for you as a researcher, as well.


A book's index is an alphabetical listing of subjects, including page numbers where you can find those subjects mentioned. It appears at the end of the book and can be a valuable resource for quickly determining where you can find information on your research topic.

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